The Art of Earning Wealth + Blessings | Happy Dhanteras Wishes

The Art of Earning Wealth + Blessings | Happy Dhanteras Wishes imageThe Art of Earning Wealth + Blessings | Happy Dhanteras Wishes

Earning wealth is a very important aspect of our life… Hence today, let’s learn the art of earning wealth + blessings!

The dynamics of earning!

The physical body requires food, house, etc (& we also have many other needs)… Hence, we definitely need to earn money to fulfill these needs!

And while working earns us physical wealth… Our way of working determines the energy we earn, hence significantly influencing our state of mind throughout the day

Indeed, since wealth is physical, it can only give physical comfort (or temporary pleasure)… Hence, let’s also earn the subtle wealth of blessings alongwith, to remain very light & full of happiness the whole day!

And the one who earns blessings, automatically earns lots of physical wealth too!… Suppose an apple vendor recommends not to buy from him today (because goods are not fresh), although he made a loss that day, from that day onwards we’ll always buy from him i.e., profits for a lifetime!… Hence, the one who earns blessings, earns physical wealth much more than his normal capacity!

Earning blessings also has numerous other benefits:

  • This dua (i.e., good wishes) acts as a powerful shield of protection
  • Builds our stock of elevated karma, hence creating the most illustrious fortune
  • Goes with the soul, hence also ensuring an illustrious destiny in our next birth

How to earn blessings?

It doesn’t require any extra time… Indeed, even just sharing smiles, sweet words & co-operation; earns us lots of blessings from all!

While doing business, it’s possible for both the parties to benefit.. Hence the easiest way to earn blessings is to look for their benefit also, in addition to just our benefit

Working with peace & love (rather than with stress, anger, giving sorrow to others, etc)… Also earns us very good vibrations from others around!

An elevated state of mind!

All the above becomes natural, when our state of mind is elevated… Hence for this, let’s devote atleast few minutes of time daily, for listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation!

This is a very small investment, considering the benefits from blessings… And, we actually end up saving much much more time than that given!

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Conclusion (Earning Wealth + Blessings | Happy Dhanteras Wishes)

Indian culture gives a very high position to wealth, by equating it with Goddess Lakshmi… Hence, it’s only this wealth (i.e., earned with complete honesty & by giving happiness to others), which can be equated to Goddess Lakshmi!… Hence, let’s keep earning this true Lakshmi (i.e., wealth + blessings) at every step, which keeps our state of mind elevated as well as benefits others, hence helping bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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As part of our series on ‘Spiritual Significance of Diwali’

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Spiritual Significance of Diyas

Spiritual Significance of Diyas imageSpiritual Significance of Diyas

Like the diya is a flame on earthen vessel, even we’re souls in this physical body!

Hence, we’re spiritual diyas… Glowing in the experience of peace, love & joy!

Sparkling the light of soul-consciousness!

The flame is very bright, sparkling & beautiful… Hence, when we remain in the experience of our original virtues inside, even our face starts sparkling with joy!

Thus, to remain in the constant experience of peace, love & joy (i.e., to keep this diya shining always!)… Let’s:

  • Keep ourselves full of the oil of knowledge… Which keeps fuelling the awareness that we’re originally very pure, divine souls!
  • Keep our wick of purity erect… Since purity is the mother of peace, love & joy!
  • Even if fast winds (or storms) of situations & people come… Let’s remain full of stability & peace!

It’s considered inauspicious for the diya to doze off… Hence, let’s ensure full awareness & attention on our thoughts, to keep this flame of soul-consciousness lit always!

Indeed, when this diya starts remaining lit always… Our every day will become as happy & joyous as Diwali!

Connecting to the ever-shining flame God!

The diya needs to be lighted from an external source… Hence, let’s connect to the ever-shining flame God (who lights the flame of all!), to light our flame of soul-consciousness!

Indeed in Diwali, there’s one big lamp using which many small lamps are lit… Hence, God is that Deepraj (King of Lamps) who lights the flame of all of us Deepranis!

And when our flame is lit, we can light other diyas too… Hence, let’s ignite the flame of true peace, love & joy in all!… Thus, creating a rosary of diyas (i.e., Deepavali!) 

And when everyone’s flame is ignited, the world outside gets transformed into Satyuga once again!

Diya means Giving!

The word diya means to give… Hence, let’s keep giving to all!

Although diyas are available in many different shapes & designs, their flame is the same… Similarly, even though we may be different in terms of age, gender, position, etc, originally as souls we’re one!… This awareness makes it very natural to keep giving love & respect to all!

Even the most beautifully designed but unlit diya seems dull compared to an ordinary but lit diya… Hence, let’s enhance our inner beauty of virtues, rather than just focusing on external looks!

Meditation Commentary (Spiritual Significance of Diyas)

In this earthen vessel (body)… I the diya… Sparkling in the experience of purity, peace, love & joy..

God Himself has said… Like me, you’re full of divinity & joy… Brightening my happiness even more..

He’s full of bright light… Of love… Filling me with this divine energy… Recharging my battery… He’s my dear Deepraj.. 

Will keep this flame lit the whole day today… Irrespective of anything outside… The power of God’s love is with me always..

Will keep sharing His love with all… Creating Satyuga again..

Om Shanti!

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As part of our series on ‘Spiritual Significance of Diwali

‘Spiritual Significance of Diwali’ series

Spiritual Significance of Diwali series image‘Spiritual Significance of Diwali’ series

Hello, dear friends!

Great news! It’s now time to launch another brand new series ‘Spiritual Significance of Diwali’… Starting from tomorrow daily!

Please find the full list of 11 topics that’ll be covered in this series below:

List of Topics (Spiritual Significance of Diwali) 

Spiritual Significance of:

  • Diya
  • Rangoli
  • Lights & Lanterns
  • Firecrackers
  • Sweets
  • House Cleaning
  • Laxmi Pujan

You wish also wish to have a look at our recently concluded series ‘Spiritual Significance of Navratri

My 12th article published in ‘The World Renewal’

Wonderful news! My 12th original article has been published in ‘The World Renewal‘ magazine (October 2018 issue)

Topic : Spiritual Significance of Dussehra & Diwali

It’s a combination of 2 wonderful articles!

As you know  ‘The World Renewal’ is a renowned international spiritual magazine (monthly) by the Brahma Kumaris, with more than 2 lakh copies posted monthly worldwide!

Please find the published article below:

The Spiritual Significance of Dussehra and Diwali - Page 1/3
Page 1/3
The Spiritual Significance of Dussehra and Diwali - Page 2/3
Page 2/3
The Spiritual Significance of Dussehra and Diwali - Page 3/3
Page 3/3
Cover Picture of October 2018 issue of 'The World Renewal'
Cover Picture of October 2018 issue of ‘The World Renewal’

Concluding Thoughts – Celebrating Navratri Always | Happy Navratri Festival Special Wishes

Celebrating Navratri Always | Happy Navratri Festival Special Wishes imageCelebrating Navratri Always | Happy Navratri Festival Special Wishes

This is the last post of our ‘Spiritual Significance of Navratri‘ series

In this series, we’ve explored the spiritual significance of Navratri, Dussehra, Shiv Shaktis & then each specific Shiv Shakti… i.e., Maa Durga, Ambe Maa, Maa Saraswati, Santoshi Maa, Maa Kali, Maa Parvati, Gayatri Mata & Goddess Lakshmi!… And also Jwala Devi, Naina Devi, Khodiyar Maa, Sheetla Mata, Kuldevis, Chamunda Maa & Bahuchar Maa!

Every festival (utsav) brings a lot of enthusiasm (utsaah)… And God says every moment of your life is a festival i.e., a life full of joy & enthusiasm!

Hence, like we enjoyed the Raas Garba these 9 days… Similarly:

  • Let’s keep dancing in supersensuous joy always… i.e., the dance of the mind!
  • Like we perform such harmonious group dances… Let’s ensure the same harmony in our relationships, by adjusting with everyone’s sanskars!

And to remain happy always, we just need to invoke our Shaktis within, by meditating for atleast few minutes daily!… (To make it easy, have specially created a playlist of some really wonderful & simple Rajyoga Meditation commentaries, for you!)

Indeed, this ensures we also inculcate the same qualities as our Maa (i.e., Mataji) in ourselves!

Further, like many perform a havan at end of Navratri… Similarly:

  • Like we sacrifice jowar, sesame & ghee in the fire… Let’s create a thought to God that this body (which is tall like jowar), mind (subtle like sesame) & wealth (ie ghee) is yours… This makes us very light & free, hence automatically making us fulfill responsibilities better!
  • Like we sacrifice all remaining ingredients at end of Yagya… Let’s sacrifice all our weaknesses together at end of this Navratri!
  • The physical fire actually represents the fire of meditation (Yog Agni), which burns all weaknesses within!

Conclusion (Happy Navratri Festival Special Wishes)

Hence, in this dark Kaliyuga night (ratri), let’s emerge the new (nav) awareness of being a Shiv Shakti [i.e.,, a Shakti (soul) combined with Shiv (Supreme soul)] … To remain full of divine virtues & powers, hence gradually finishing all the weaknesses within… In other words, when we inculcate God’s knowledge within us (like Maa Saraswati & Gayatri Mata), it automatically emerges the power to finish all weaknesses (like Maa Durga & Maa Kali), hence making us ever-content, ever-loving & ever-giving (like Ambe Maa & Santoshi Maa)… Indeed, we get transformed from humans to deities (like Goddess Lakshmi), and the world outside from Kaliyuga to the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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