Spiritual Youth Empowerment (World Youth Skills Day)

Spiritual Youth Empowerment (World Youth Skills Day) pictureTomorrow 15th July is World Youth Skills Day. Hence today, let’s discuss some wonderful points on spiritual youth empowerment!

The numerous skills of Youth!

The youth is the future of the nation (& world!), having numerous skills:

  • The Youth have physical strength… Since the Youth phase of the human body is most agile & efficient
  • The Youth have intellectual strength… Since they’ve adequate basic knowledge and brain’s still sharp, hence can study & acquire numerous productive skills
  • The Youth is a symphony of the old & new… Hence, we’ve experience of the past as well as enthusiasm for the future!

Youth are an example for children, who follow us very quickly!

Using our Skills in the right direction!

As we know… Having skills is one thing, but using it in the right direction is much more important.

And most importantly, as is the information put in, so are our thoughts hence direction in life… Hence, if the main source of information is primarily movies, TV shows, etc, the inclination is likely to be more towards external factors like show-off, physical beauty, attachment, only external success, etc… But if the main source of information is God’s direct spiritual knowledge, then we’ll also give priority to the state of mind within… Which enables us to use all our skills in the right productive manner, allowing for true holistic progress!

The word Youth contains the word You… Hence, rather than saying ‘Me First’, let’s always say ‘You First’… ie encourage others forward & let them receive facilities first!

Many have lots of expectations on Youth … Hence, let’s keep co-operating with & helping all (for the right things!), to earn lots of blessings throughout the day!

Youth love selfies… Hence, let’s always look at the self ie focus on what I should do rather than what others should do… This single practice very easily makes us progress very fast in life!

Youth are normally at the start of their career… Hence today, let’s realize that any marvel created outside is first created in the mind… Hence, since it’s the mind which does everything, let’s also focus on empowering the mind, which automatically makes all other aspects of our life very simple, easy & natural… In other words, let’s aim to keep our EQ (emotional quotient) enhanced by daily listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation!

Youth need to earn money… Hence, let’s realize that if one’s full of the jewels of spiritual wisdom within, physical wealth comes running after them… ie an elevated state of mind, & a pure clean heart full of divine virtues greatly enhances efficiency & effectiveness, intuition & innovation… Making external progress very easy & simple!

Indeed, while Youth are called hard-working… Let’s do the smart work of empowering our mind, to make all aspects of life easy!

Youth use a lot of gadgets & social media… And God also encourages using gadgets for serving others, but He recommends never  making your state of mind (Sadhana) dependent on gadgets (Saadhan)… Because when we make gadgets primary & our stage secondary, we invite all it’s disadvantages in our life… But when we use gadgets as the Master, we can create miracles!

Role of Spirituality! 

Many Youth are fans of celebrities… Instead, let’s become fans of the eternal celebrity God ie remain in His elevated company always… This automatically makes us a superstar too, a hero actor of this world drama!

Many Youth get entangled in relationship issues… Hence instead, let’s make God our Supreme Beloved & keep only Him in our heart… Since this keeps us full of His divine virtues & powers, hence automatically making all our other relationships also very beautiful & harmonious!

Youth normally have ageing parents… Hence, let’s always have full respect & gratitude towards our parents, & take their blessings… Since parent’s blessings makes life very easy & full of fast progress!

Many seniors desire to become a youth once again… Hence today, let’s realize the youth phase is just an aspect of the body, with the soul being beyond all physical limitations… Hence, the soul is forever youthful ie full of enthusiasm & energy!


Hence on World Youth Skills Day today, let’s consider ourselves a soul to become full of spiritual youthfulness… Then, let’s use this energy in the right direction, for empowering our mind & serving others, hence making all aspects of our life very easy & natural… Indeed, let’s use our time & thoughts as per God’s elevated directions, to make our sanskars very pure & divine, hence bringing the divine ever-pure land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Since we’re talking of Youth, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from selfies, sunglasses, music, dance & sports!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from ice cream, chocolate & milk!

Many Youth consider themselves very intelligent… Hence, let’s also understand what true intelligence means!

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Overcoming Guilt (Feeling Guilty)

Overcoming Guilt (Feeling Guilty) pictureOvercoming Guilt (Feeling Guilty)

Guilt doesn’t allow us to remain happy. Hence, it’s important to overcome guilt, which becomes very easy with the following simple understanding:

The more we remain in guilt, the more soul power gets drained. And it’s exactly this power which we need to ensure the mistake made is not repeated again.

Hence whenever in guilt, just ask yourself the question “Do I wish to repeat this mistake again?”. If no, I can’t afford to remain in guilt!

Best Wishes!

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Keeping Attention on our Thoughts

Attention on our Thoughts pictureAttention on our Thoughts

To use any gadget, we first need to give attention to it (to see it, understand it then use it)

Similarly, to use our mind for creating positive thoughts & avoiding negative, we need to give attention to it.

And there are numerous benefits of keeping attention on our thoughts:

  • The moment we look at our thoughts, they begin to slow down. Hence, we experience peace
  • We can see our thoughts, hence enabling us to change them if needed
  • Our thoughts start coming in our control
  • We develop a very close loving relationship with our mind
  • Since our focus is inside, we become largely free from the influence of external situations & people
  • It increases our level of self-control, hence resulting in a greater sense of emotional security & inner power, which is very comfortable for us

Hence today, let’s keep attention on our thoughts regularly. Don’t worry about changing them, just remaining aware is the 1st step. Then from tomorrow, we’ll discuss on specific ways to deal with each specific negative emotion, hence moving towards being stable & happy always!

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Easiest method of transformation – Putting in Pure Positive Information

Easiest Method of Transformation - Putting in Pure Positive Information picturePutting in Pure Positive Information

Everyone knows we should think positive, but it still seems difficult in practice. The solution to this is very simple!

Like how the easiest method of healing the body is to give it good nutritious food. Similarly, the easiest way of changing our thoughts is to put in pure positive information daily.

Hence, it’s a good practice to give atleast 15-20 minutes daily for putting in pure positive information. This helps a lot since:

  • While listening, it creates a very powerful & positive state of mind
  • After listening, it automatically influences our thoughts keeping them positive
  • Makes it easy to give an elevated direction to our mind throughout the day
  • Automatically shifts our interest from waste talks (which might feel good short-term but) which drain energy, to elevated talks which feel good & increase energy

You can select any positive book, speaker, etc you like (or even this blog!).

I personally recommend listening to Sister Shivani, whose official YouTube channel uploads wonderful 15-minute clips regularly (or if you have more time, the 25-minute episodes). You may subscribe (& turn on notifications) to receive regular updates. Since these are the most simple, practical & useful pieces of spiritual knowledge available!

Am 100% sure you’ll benefit immensely, even by listening for just a few minutes!

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Meditation = Creating Elevated Thoughts

Meditation = Creating Elevated Thoughts pictureMeditation = Creating Elevated Thoughts

Like how:

  • We give time for proper sleep, to ensure the body remains efficient throughout the day
  • We give time to charge our phone, to be able to use it the whole day

Similarly, creating pure elevated thoughts in silence (ie meditation) is essential to keep thinking positive even during actions & interactions throughout the day! 

Indeed, meditation just means creating a series of elevated thoughts. Hence, the simplest way to start meditating is to create a list of positive affirmations & repeat them regularly, particularly at the start of the day. Examples:

And Rajyoga Meditation means creating elevated thoughts on the Soul & Supreme Soul (& visualising alongwith), to experience our original virtues of peace love & joy! Thoughts like (taking the virtue of peace):

  • I’m a Peaceful Soul… Peace is my original nature… Vibrations of peace are spreading all around from me
  • I’m child of the Ocean of Peace (God)
  • God’s vibrations of peace are reaching me… I’m getting filled with the power of peace
  • I’m full of God’s peace
  • Will share this peace with all now, will do all my tasks peacefully

Similarly for all other original virtues of the soul like love, happiness, purity, etc

Hence, do make a list of 4-5 positive affirmations you like, and then repeat these for at least 5 minutes daily, preferably immediately on waking up. This simple technique will greatly enhance your capacity to think positive throughout the day!

Best Wishes!

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The Gift of Good Wishes

The Gift of Good Wishes pictureEveryone likes gifts, hence today let’s give everyone the gift of good wishes!

Hence, whenever we interact with someone, let’s create good thoughts for them, like:

  • May good happen to them
  • May they be benefitted
  • May they progress in their lives
  • May they achieve success
  • May they remain happy always
  • May they become full of the experience of peace, love & joy
  • May they remain free from even the slightest trace of sorrow
  • May they get connected to God, thus become full of all attainments

This not only radiates positive energy in the relation, but also creates very good feelings within us. Hence, if we practice creating pure thoughts in every interaction, it provides the easiest method of maintaining an elevated stage throughout the day.

Hence today, let’s give the gift of good wishes in every interaction. And don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below!

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