Merry Christmas

Today, 25th December is Christmas Day. Hence, let’s explore the spiritual significance of Christmas today.


We decorate the Christmas Tree very beautifully, by putting a large shining star at the top of the tree, and lighting each leaf of the tree with bulbs… These tiny bulbs on leaves denotes each of us souls (points of light) who are unique (like each leaf is unique)… And the star at the top is God, denoting all of us have the same Spiritual Father… Hence, even while being different, we’re One ie united


A tree can be used to understand the world time cycle very accurately… At the bottom of the tree is the seed, which denotes God, the Creator, the Father of all souls… Then comes the single stem, which denotes the time of Satyuga Tretayuga when all of us were deities on this planet, and there was just 1 dharma (the original dharma / nature of the soul, of purity peace & love), 1 language, 1 kingdom ie complete unity…. Then, the tree starts getting divided into branches & leaves, with the divisions increasing with passage of time, and the tree finally becoming very old & chaotic… Hence now at this time, God (the seed) has to descend to re-create the tree ie it denotes the time of this auspicious Confluence Age where God descends to transform Kaliyuga into Satyuga once again


Santa Claus denotes God… Santa Claus is always shown coming down from a pitch dark chimney, denoting God comes at this time of end of Kaliyuga of pitch darkness… Further, the red clothes of Santa Claus denotes the fact that God comes from the soul world above (Paramdham), the Land of Golden Red Light… And the gifts that Santa Claus brings are not physical gifts, but the subtle gifts of the experience of our original virtues of peace, love & happiness through Rajyoga and thereby the gift of Satyuga (because Kaliyuga will now be followed by Satyuga)


At many places, Santa Claus is shown with angels by his side. Hence, let’s become God’s angels ie very light & sharing happiness with all


The word Christmas matches with the word Kishmish (ie Raisins, a sweet dry fruit), hence let’s become as sweet as Kishmish this Christmas


In a few days time, we’ll wish everyone a Happy New Year… Hence, let’s aim to ensure our next year indeed becomes new & happy… This will happen naturally by starting to listen to pure spiritual knowledge for a few minutes daily, since putting in pure information creates elevated thoughts hence automatically leading to the elevated feeling of happiness


Many of us make New Year Resolutions, reflecting our genuine desire to change… However, 90% of resolutions are left in the first month itself… That’s because although we’ve the knowledge & will to change, we lack the power since our battery is discharged at present at end of Kaliyuga… Hence, let’s connect this discharged battery to the powerhouse now, and an accurate connection now as per His accurate introduction (ie He’s an Incorporeal Soul, Ocean of all Virtues & Powers)… This will fill us with divine energy making transformation very natural… Indeed, let’s join a new relation with the Supreme, which will surely make our new year a Happy New Year, and indeed a Happy New Life!


Christmas is considered by some as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Hence, let’s remember & inculcate the teachings of this great soul today:
  • He is always shown with finger pointing upwards and said God is One, God is Light, I’m child of God… Hence, he always wanted us to connect directly to God… Hence, let’s accordingly develop a direct, personal & dynamic relationship with God now
  • He always gave the message of love & unity, hence let’s see only the specialities & original virtues of everyone around us
  • He always gave the message of mercy, hence let’s forgive everyone around, thus actually forgiving ourselves by freeing us from a lot of pain


Christmas is also called the Big Day… Hence, let’s make this day truly memorable by attending the Rajyoga meditation course at our nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre (7 days, 1 hours daily, completely free of charge)… Will gladly share with you the details of your nearest Centre, if you wish… It explains God’s direct teachings in essence, teaches Rajyoga meditation ie how to connect to God accurately & experience a powerful current of His vibrations of peace love happiness, which fully transforms our life… It’s been my experience (and the experience of 10 lakh families who are regular students) that it really makes life very simple, easy & very happy… And perhaps the best feature is we don’t need to leave anything, we can continue fulfilling all our outside interests & responsibilities, and yet maintain a very high frequency inside, hence actually giving true justice to our responsibilities, at the same time helping create a better new world, the divine land Satyuga once again!


Om Shanti!

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