Wish you a Happy Shivaji Jayanti

Today 19th February is Shivaji Jayanti, who was one of the great kings in India. Hence today provides an excellent opportunity to learn from his life, and make our life elevated.

Shivaji was a king, similarly let’s become a ruler over the self once again… Indeed, even we’re Kings over our Mind Intellect Sanskars, and over the body & 5 sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, mouth & touch) … However, only when we remain set on our seat (ie remain in the awareness of being a Master), do all these remain in our control… Hence, let’s remain in this powerful awareness of being a Master the whole day today, & rule our inner world with love & order


Indeed, being children of God (who’s the Master of the World), we’re by default very royal prince & princesses… Hence today, let’s remain in this elevated happiness & spiritual intoxication that we’re children of the Highest, which automatically makes our words & behaviour also very sweet & royal, like kings.


Shivaji was known for his valor & bravery… Similarly, let’s bravely face & finish our old sanskars of pain & sorrow… Indeed like Shivaji is always shown with a sword in his hand, let’s always remain equipped with the weapons of knowledge to constantly remain victorious over the vices & weaknesses within, thereby experience a stable & happy state of mind always


Shivaji used to care a lot for his subjects… Similarly, let’s always wish the very best for each & everyone we come into contact with… These pure vibrations act as a subtle but powerful sustenance, helping them in numerous ways


It’s said that Jija Mata (Shivaji’s mother) was most instrumental in making Shivaji what he was… Similarly, let’s become instrumental in others progress by acting as a silent backbone for them… And the more we help others progress, it increases our stock of elevated karma & blessings, hence we end up reaching much higher than we had ever thought of ie much above our capacity.


Shivaji is still remembered with love & regard by all, even after hundreds of years… Similarly, let’s do such noble actions that people remember & get inspiration from us even after we leave..


Hence today, let’s become a ruler over the self and bravely face & finish our old sanskars… This naturally makes us very sweet from within, making it easy to create pure elevated thoughts for everyone around & encourage them ahead… This inner progress by us & thereby everyone around will help bring the divine land Satyuga once again!


Om Shanti!

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