International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga logoToday, 21st June is the International Day of Yoga. It’s indeed a proud moment to see Yoga which has originated from India being celebrated all across the world today. Indeed, everyone looks at India as a Spiritual Guru for learning Yoga / Meditation. Hence, we should definitely be the first to be benefitting from it, right?

Hence, let’s explore today the science behind India’s ancient art of Yoga, or Raj Yoga in very simple terms! Continue reading “International Day of Yoga”

World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day picture

The Virtue of Giving

14th June is World Blood Donor Day. By donations, we usually think about donating physical things like food, clothes, wealth, blood, etc. This is very important no doubt, but it’s just one aspect of giving.

There’s also a more subtle level of donations, which is the donation of knowledge, virtues & powers.

The most wonderful aspect of this subtle donation is the more I donate, the more it increases within me. Hence, sharing knowledge makes my understanding more refined, speaking sweet makes me the first to feel good inside, etc. And this is one wealth which each & every one of us can donate. And since it’s this wealth of virtues which is in most scarcity in today’s times, by giving these, we are doing the most elevated service to everyone around us.

This underlies the fact that life is all about giving, sharing & co-operating. Like when water is flowing as a river, it keeps nurturing all the plants in it’s way. However, when the same water becomes locked in one place, it becomes stagnant & dirty. Similarly, life is all about continuing to give, that’s where our beauty & true growth lies.

Every aspect of nature e.g. the sun, trees, water, earth, etc always gives. All saints, great souls & esteemed personalities have the virtue of giving. The deity in a temple is always shown giving blessings. Devta means dene wala ie the one who gives. God is also the eternal Bestower, the One who unconditionally gives love, blessings & sustenance to all. Hence, we have numerous examples of the virtue of giving in front of us.

When we benefit others with a true heart, it builds our stock of good karma & earns us lots of blessings. Hence, when we encourage or help others to progress, it actually boosts our progress multifold and we end up reaching much higher than we had ever aimed alone. Hence today, let’s aim to give at our homes & workplaces. Let’s share some of our skills & talents, give appreciation & positive feedback & good wishes, and keep giving love trust & respect in all our actions & interactions.

Indeed, this is the purpose of our life. All of us have the original divine qualities of purity, peace, love & happiness within us. However, only when we use & express them, do we experience them. And the more we express, the more we experience, surrounding our life with goodness all around!

Going a step further, let’s connect directly to God to fill ourselves with His divine qualities of Purity, Peace, Love & Joy. Keep taking from God and giving to all. By continuously taking from the Unlimited Source God, we constantly remain full. And the more we keep giving to others, the more these treasures keep increasing within us. Hence, this is the most elevated approach of keeping ourselves and everyone around full of these divine qualities, making each day of our life a festival, a celebration, the way our life was meant to be!

And indeed, when each one of us start becoming the embodiment of the virtue of giving, all of us will become deities, making the world outside into Heaven once again!

Om Shanti!

World Environment Day

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Creating high-energy places

Today 5th June is World Environment Day. Hence today, let’s realise that along with the physical environment, there’s also a subtle environment of vibrations around us.

That’s why we experience a big difference in the energy field of a temple, home or restaurant. Let’s understand why this is so, i.e. let’s understand how the energy field of a place is created.  Continue reading “World Environment Day”