World Water Day

Thought Conservation is as important as Water Conservation

Today, 22nd March, is World Water Day. There will be increasing emphasis in the world today on conservation of water. And indeed, most of us are responsible citizens who turn off the taps, switch off lights / fans, etc when not in use, recognising how valuable these resources are.

Similarly, just like water & electricity are valuable resources, our thought power is the most valuable resource we have. Continue reading “World Water Day”

Being Happy always | Wish you a Happy International Day of Happiness! | International Day of Happiness quotes

Being Happy always | Wish you a Happy International Day of Happiness! | International Day of Happiness quotes image

Being Happy always | Wish you a Happy International Day of Happiness! | International Day of Happiness quotes

20th March is the International Day of Happiness! Hence, wish all of you, our dear readers, a very Happy World Happiness Day!

Today, let’s aim to remain happy the whole day. How? It’s simple! If we keep thinking about someone who usually remains sad, upset, depressed, etc, even we start feeling low. If we think of someone who usually remains happy & cheerful, even we start feeling good. So, by staying in the loving remembrance of God, who is the Ocean of Happiness, who remains ever happy, we remain filled with His waves of happiness!

And whatever we have within us, we automatically share with all! When I share happiness with others, I am the first to experience it. And the more happiness we keep sharing, the more it keeps increasing within us. Happiness is one wealth which increases the more we donate it!!

Indeed, let us maintain our happy state of mind, irrespective of external situations and people. Because, it’s either the situation influencing us or we influencing the situation. By remaining happy irrespective of challenges outside, we actually end up transforming those situations.

Conclusion (International Day of Happiness quotes) 

So, in essence, let’s remain connected to God, keep receiving happiness from Him, and keep sharing this happiness with all, transforming the world outside!

Om Shanti!

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Happy Holi

Hello, my dear friends!

The festival of colours has come again. This Holi, let us strive to remain colored in the divine company of the Supreme Father!

His colours are the colours of purity and peace, love and happiness! Let us connect to Him directly, and fill ourselves fully with all these colours! Then, we can spray everyone around us with the same divine colours, creating a wave!

Let’s start celebrating Holi inside as well!

Happy Holi! Om Shanti!

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day image

Happy Valentines Day, to all my dear friends. On this day, we have this very sweet practice of giving a gift to our beloved Valentine. Now, this results in an interesting situation. What can one possibly gift to the eternal Valentine, God, someone who has absolutely everything…..

So, the answer is that one can gift Him, something that He really likes, which is the emerging of any one of our divine qualities, along with the destruction of any particular weakness or negative trait, within us, We can take any quality we like, and create a determined thought, that I will develop or change this…

This is the best gift that can be given to Him, since through this, we will start becoming more and more like Him….

Om Shanti!

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My 2nd article published in ‘The World Renewal’


Another really really wonderful news to share with you! My 2nd original article has been published in the World Renewal Magazine!! (Feb 16 issue)

The topic of the article is ‘Creating a soul-conscious stage’.

Being soul-conscious simply means:
1) being aware that I am the being of energy, using this body, Master of the body; and

2) being in the awareness & experience of our original qualities of purity, peace, love, happiness & power.

It has numerous benefits:

– When soul conscious, we experience our original qualities of purity, peace, love, happiness etc. This makes us feel very full & satisfied, & also heals the mind

– The resulting vibrations reach the body. This helps the body organs work efficiently & in harmony, helping the healing process

– Since our mind is light & free from waste, work efficiency increases helping us do more work in less time

– When we are in the experience of our original qualities, we start giving rather than taking, accepting instead of expecting. This improves all our relationships

Please find the full article below. As mentioned last time, the World Renewal is a renowned international spiritual magazine (monthly) by the Brahma Kumaris.

Really very very grateful to God for this wonderful gift!!

Page 1/3 of 'Creating a soul-conscious stage'
Page 1/3

Page 2/3 of 'Creating a soul-conscious stage'
Page 2/3

Page 3/3 of 'Creating a soul-conscious stage'
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Cover Picture of February 2017 issue of 'The World Renewal'
Cover Picture of February 2017 issue of ‘The World Renewal’