Spiritual Inspirations from Chartered Accountants (CA Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Chartered Accountants (CA Day) pictureTomorrow 1st July is CA Day. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from Chartered Accountants!

Experiencing the most illustrious life!

CAs get lots of opportunities in numerous fields… Similarly, the present time gives us the best opportunity of building a most elevated stage of mind, full of the experience of peace, love & joy!

Many keep the word CA in front of their name… Similarly, let’s always keep God’s name in front of our name ie direct all the praise towards Him!

The word CA matches with BA (ie Bachelor of Arts)…  Hence, let’s keep singing songs of God’s love, and dancing in supersensuous joy & happiness, to paint our most illustrious fortune!

Some CAs work as income tax officers… Hence, let’s keep a strict check on ourselves, to ensure we don’t create even a single negative or waste thought!

Many CAs take up a salaried job in big companies… Similarly, our 1st job (ie responsibility) in life is to maintain an elevated state of mind always, which automatically makes all our other responsibilities very easy & natural… ie we keep earning the salary of the experience of peace love & joy!

Like we keep a Suspense A/C, let’s suspend (ie keep postponing) thinking of waste matters, to finish their influence on us!

Keeping harmonious relationships!

The difference between an accountant & Chartered Accountant, is that the CA is recognized by law… Similarly, rather than needing to justify that we’re good or right, let’s earn the certificate of contentment from everyone around!

Many CAs operate consultancy firms… Hence, let’s also keep some time spare to allow others to consult us, for seeking solutions to their problems!

CAs have white collared jobs ie CAs work in air-conditioned offices, and do intellectual work on computers… Similarly serving & benefitting others (on God’s elevated directions) is the most white-collared job, since it boosts our stage immensely… And we work under the very soothing air-conditioner of God’s virtues, just sharing His knowledge with all!

Enhancing the Balance Sheet of Life!

CAs need to have very good knowledge of income tax & GST (ie Sales Tax) laws… Similarly, this whole society is governed by one major law, The Law of Karma… Hence, let’s always keep it in awareness, to keep creating our most illustrious destiny at every step!

The Golden rule for Real A/Cs is ‘Debit what comes in, Credit what goes out’… Hence, whatever situation people & health issues that come into our life are just a return of past karma… And whatever thoughts words & actions we create now are our present karma, which’ll return in the future!

The Golden Rule for Personal A/Cs is ‘Debit the Receiver, Credit the Giver’… Hence, let’s always keep giving to all, to earn the credits of blessings & elevated karma!

The Golden Rule for Nominal A/Cs is ‘Debit the expenses, Credit the income’… Hence while serving others does require a little bit of energy (ie debit), but it boosts our stage immensely & also earns us lots of blessings (ie credits), hence pushing us into a very high net credit balance!

The journal basically consists of numerous journal entries… Similarly, every thought word & action we create is an entry in the journal of life!

Costs & Income are recorded as & when they’re accrued (ie become due) rather than when paid… Similarly, every karma we create definitely gets accrued on us, even though it’s result (ie payment) may arise at a later date… Hence, let’s always keep full attention on our every karma, to ensure a most perfect & spotless destiny!

The balance sheet on 1st April (ie 1st day of the financial year) is the same as the balance sheet on 31st April (ie last day of previous financial year)… Similarly, a newborn child is like a 1st April Balance Sheet, who brings with him all sanskars & karmic accounts from the previous births… Hence, let’s always do the most elevated karma, to ensure a must illustrious next birth!

The ledger is basically a collection of numerous individual accounts… Hence, let’s ensure our ledger of life (consisting of all our karmic accounts) is full of only credit balances!

Best Practices

The software package ‘Tally’ is used by many CAs… Similarly, let’s keep tallying (ie verifying) our actions with God’s elevated directions, to experience the most perfect & balanced life always!

An account consists of debit side & also credit side… Hence in the account of life, let’s keep debiting our weaknesses, & keep crediting divine virtues!

Many pass the CA exams on first attempt… Similarly, let’s remain so full with the power of spiritual knowledge & meditation, that we pass all papers (ie challenges) that may come, with flying colors!

CAs can get a job in any one of many different departments ex Accounts, Audit, Risk Management, etc… Similarly, whatever role we’ve received in this drama of life, let’s enact it so beautifully that we (& all others) end up saying ‘Once More!’, seeing the most wonderful quality of our life!

The Profit & Loss A/C shows the income & expenditure incurred over the previous year… Similarly, let’s check our emotional profits & losses earned every single day, to keep progressing fast ahead!

Accounting & Auditing is basically done for Reporting… Similarly, let’s audit & report how our day went, to God every night… With a true heart, to earn His blessings, which makes everything easy!

Depreciation is a charge applied on fixed assets… Hence, let’s keep depreciating (ie finishing) our old sanskars of sorrow, through a regular practice of spiritual knowledge & meditation!

Role of Spirituality!

The word CA matches with DA (ie Dearness Allowance)… Similarly, let’s always remain in God’s elevated company (ie dear to God), to keep experiencing the DA of God’s virtues & powers!

The word CA matches with PA (ie Personal Assistant)… Hence considering that God at the present times is offering us to ‘Use Him’… Let’s make God our PA & keep calling Him frequently to do our tasks, hence making each & every aspect of our life very simple, easy & natural!

CAs play a crucial role in the proper economic functioning of a nation… Similarly, each & every one us is most important in God’s task of world transformation… Hence, considering the fact that God is making so much efforts for transforming Kaliyuga into Satyuga, let’s give a true helping hand to God by transforming ourselves!

A Joint Venture A/C is created for ventures undertaken jointly by two parties… Similarly, let’s create a joint venture between us & God, for serving & benefitting all… Where He’ll play the role of providing us with spiritual knowledge & powers, and we’ll implement the same in practical life!

CAs have many skills… Hence, we just need the bhavna (ie pure intention) of wanting to serve God’s task with a true heart, to automatically emerge all the hidden skills & talents within us for doing the same!

Many CAs enter into Limited Liability Partnerships (ie LLPs)… Similarly, God says if you follow my elevated directions, everything in your life is my responsibility (ie we’ve zero liability!)… Hence, let’s take advantage of this most divine opportunity, & keep following God’s elevated directions with a lot of love!

To become a CA, we need to study from the Institute of Chartered Accountants… Similarly, let’s also visit God’s spiritual institute ie our nearest Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation Centre… For earning the qualification of maintaining an elevated state of mind always, & a life full of divine virtues!


Hence today on CA Day, let’s become a spiritual CA… ie Keep auditing our thoughts words & actions, and keep earning the credits of blessings & good wishes from all… This becomes very easy & practical by connecting to our Supreme Father God & His direct spiritual knowledge… Hence, ensuring such a powerful Profit & Loss A/C & Balance Sheet of Life, that we end up bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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