International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga logoToday, 21st June is the International Day of Yoga. It’s indeed a proud moment to see Yoga which has originated from India being celebrated all across the world today. Indeed, everyone looks at India as a Spiritual Guru for learning Yoga / Meditation. Hence, we should definitely be the first to be benefitting from it, right?

Hence, let’s explore today the science behind India’s ancient art of Yoga, or Raj Yoga in very simple terms!

The word Yog in sanskrit means connection. And Rajyoga means connection with the Highest, the connection of the Self with the Supreme. Now, a connection between two always requires a medium ex a connection between the mobile & power source requires a charger set. Similarly, what do you think is the medium of connection between the Soul & Supreme?

Since both Soul & Supreme are non-physical, we need a non-physical medium. Now even while reading this, can you remember your family members, what they must be doing right now, etc? Of course! In fact, you’ll even experience their presence. This is connection, or meditation! It’s very easy! And what was the medium of connection? Mind & Intellect. Mind creates thoughts, Intellect visualises them and we experience. Simple!

In the same way, when we focus our mind & intellect on the Supreme, who is the Ocean of Purity Peace Love & Happiness, we start experiencing a flow of very pure, peaceful, loving energy from Him. This frequent & continous experience of pure empowering energy acts like recharging of the soul’s battery, making it very easy & natural to inculcate elevated virtues and finish weaknesses. This is Rajyoga Meditation!

There are various ways to engage our Mind & Intellect with Him, and maintain a continuous connection. We can keep talking with Him regarding our activities & life, listen to His knowledge daily, experience a range of qualities & powers from Him in meditation, appreciate His role & various virtues, recollect the various ways He has helped us always, etc

Even a few minutes of such a connection makes the mind very peaceful & powerful. As a result, work efficiency increases, body works efficiently & in harmony, we’re easily able to understand & accept others, we automatically share our attainments with all, the environment around becomes pure, etc. Hence, caring for mind is like watering the seed of a tree, which automatically nourishes all the branches of the tree of life ie health, work, relations. That’s why it’s said that Yog results in holistic health & wellbeing.

Hence today, let’s aim to develop a very close loving relationship with God, because we automatically remember those we have a relationship with. This frequent remembrance & experience will keep us in the experience of our original qualities of Peace Love Happiness throughout the day. We all sing that God is the Mother, Father, Friend, Beloved, Guide, etc. Hence, let’s contemplate on how God fulfils these various roles and hence in a variety of ways, keep experiencing a very close, powerful relation with the Perfect Being!

Indeed, this is the call of time now. By a constant connection with God, let us now re-emerge our divine virtues. By doing so, we’ll also become a living example & inspiration to all around, creating a wave of transformation. Hence, this self transformation will become instrumental in world transformation, ie transform this old world Kaliyuga into the new world Satyuga, Heaven, Paradise, Swarg or Jannat, the Perfect Land which all religions remember by different names. Hence, let’s start creating this New World once again!

Om Shanti!
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