Spiritual Inspirations from Water | Speech on World Water Day | World Water Day quotes

Spiritual Inspirations from Water | Speech on World Water Day | World Water Day HD Images

Spiritual Inspirations from Water | Speech on World Water Day | World Water Day quotes

22nd March is World Water Day. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from water!

An illustrious life!

Water has numerous characteristics we can learn from:

  • Water is transparent… Similarly, let’s ensure transparency in our thoughts, words & actions
  • Water takes the shape of whichever utensil it’s put into… Similarly, let’s also become flexible & adjust to everyone’s sanskars
  • Water is life-giving… Similarly, let’s give a new life to all by helping them experience their original virtues (of peace, love & joy) once again
  • Water is essential for cleaning… Similarly, let’s raise our level of purity so high that all stains of weaknesses get washed away!
  • Water when locked at one place becomes stagnant & dirty, but when flowing it nourishes all in its way… Similarly, we need to continue our flow of giving to keep progressing in life… Indeed, water being one of the elements of nature always gives, let’s do the same i.e., let’s make our nature benevolent & giving too
  • Water evaporates when boiled, hence reduces in quantity… Similarly, when we create the fire of anger, our inner value decreases!
  • Water when frozen becomes solid ice… Hence, if we remain cold & insensitive towards others, we ourselves get frozen like ice!
  • Even though we may heat or cool water, it returns to it’s original temperature gradually… Similarly, even though adverse situations or conflicts may occur, let’s return to our normal happy self quickly

Let’s not become like sodawater (i.e., one whose happiness fizzles out quickly in the smallest of situations) or salty water (which causes vomiting i.e., sorrow to others)… Instead, let’s become as sweet, cool & refreshing as coconut water!

Water (H2O) consists of 2 atoms hydrogen & 1 atom oxygen… Hence, let’s become very light within like hydrogen (which is the lightest of all gases), then those vibrations act like the oxygen for (i.e., comfort) everyone around!

The right thoughts!

Aquatic animals cannot survive without water… Similarly, we need the power of spiritual knowledge & meditation to survive in today’s world i.e., to remain stable & happy irrespective of challenges outside

Like we never drink water before ensuring it’s purified… Similarly, let’s not put any information inside without first checking it’s quality, because it’s this information which’ll act as the basis of our thoughts hence destiny!

Like we give so much attention to conserving water… Let’s also start giving some attention to conserve the invaluable resource(s) of our thoughts

If we put one leg in one boat, and the other leg in another boat, we’ll go nowhere… Similarly, let’s leave the boat of negative emotions & enter the boat of positive emotions!

Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated (with pictures) how our thoughts, emotions & vibrations significantly impact water, with negative emotions distorting water crystals & positive emotions resulting in very beautiful water crystals being formed… Hence, we can just imagine what impact our negative thoughts must be having on the water inside our body (which is made up of 70% water) … Hence it’s a very good practice, before drinking any glass of water, tea, coffee, etc or accepting food, to first charge it by creating thoughts like:

  • I’m a Peaceful Soul, loving soul
  • God’s vibrations of purity & love are getting absorbed in the food
  • This food is like Nectar (i.e., amrut) for me
  • This food will completely heal my body
  • etc

This radiates & absorbs powerful vibrations in the food, which helps empower & heal our mind & body!

Here’s a beautiful 5-minute video on these experiments (by

How to maintain an elevated stage always?

Water is essential to remove dryness… Similarly, to avoid feeling dry & empty in our daily schedule… Even while doing our routine activities, let’s remain engaged in churning spiritual jewels of knowledge and in talking to God, to remain fresh & lively the whole day!

Water tanks at home store water, but if there’s even one small hole in the tank, all water gets drained away… Similarly when we wake up every morning, our glass of stability peace & harmony is full & will remain full the whole day, we just need to ensure it doesn’t spill off in waste thoughts of the past, thinking of what others should do, etc

When the water level in our body goes down, the reason we feel thirsty is because the body’s made up of water… Similarly, the reason all of us want peace, love & joy is because that’s our original nature, we’re made up of it!… Just need to keep this in awareness to experience at every step

In a waterfall, water flows from a higher position to a lower position… Similarly, when we connect to the Highest Being God, his pure divine energy of peace love & happiness flows towards us, and we become full of it!

When water is boiled, all germs in it get killed… Similarly, remaining connected to God acts as the fire of meditation which finishes all weaknesses within us

Even if a big rock comes in it’s way, the river keeps flowing by making a way around it, in the process also slowly & gradually dissolving the rock… Similarly, even if big situations come in life, let’s continue our practice of empowering the mind through spiritual knowledge & meditation, and the situation will start becoming smaller & smaller!

Serving the World!

Water is essential for extinguishing fire… Similarly, in today’s world where everyone is burning in the fire of stress, worry, hatred, anger, etc let’s become those divine cool angels who soothe & heal the wounds of all

When guests come from far, the first thing we do is offer water… Similarly, all the souls around us today have gone through lot of hardships & sorrow… Hence, let’s help them finally experience peace, love & harmony through our elevated vibrations, words & behavior!

Like water sports (and indeed, any sports) enriches the life of those playing… Let’s also enrich the lives of everyone around!

Water dissolves everything that’s put inside it… Similarly, let’s accommodate other’s weaknesses and merge (i.e., forget) unpleasant memories of the past, as if they weren’t there!… Indeed, let’s become as vast as the ocean, in terms of our power to accommodate!

Best Practices

The ship travels on water, but if the water gets inside it, the ship drowns!… Similarly, we need to live in this world, but the world shouldn’t live inside us… i.e., rather than getting negatively influenced by situations, let us make a powerful positive influence to the world!

Everyone prefers an automatic motor boat to a manual boat… Similarly, working on ourselves doesn’t mean constantly needing to make efforts, just need some focused efforts for a few days to create an elevated habit, then it works automatically & naturally in our life!

Even few drops of lemon water makes a dish stand out, while too many drops makes it sour… Similarly in life, let’s keep the right balance to keep earning blessings (i.e., joy & good wishes) always. For example, balance between:

  • Work and Rest
  • Work and Family
  • Caring for others & Caring for self… i.e., self-service & serving others
  • Temporary entertainment & True long-term spiritual progress
  • etc

Water is used for a variety of purposes (drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking, etc)… Similarly, let’s become an all-rounder i.e., serve everyone in a variety of ways, through our:

  • Thoughts; through the power of our good wishes, pure feelings & elevated vibrations
  • Words; by sharing our experiences, inspirations & acquired wisdom
  • Actions; by becoming a sample & example for all through our elevated words & behavior

Indian culture gives such a high position to rivers by equating them to goddesses… Similarly let’s become so pure & divine, and benefit & transform others so lovingly, that we become like living deities in this world!

Only a small portion of an iceberg is visible above the water, called the tip of the iceberg… Similarly, all these spiritual points you are reading in my messages are just the tip of the iceberg… If you like these, would highly recommend you to connect directly to His elevated teachings, through your nearest Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation Centre… This’ll ensure the knowledge very easily gets inculcated in your life, indeed when just hearing these points sounds so good, how good will it feel when they actually get implemented & inculcated in life!

Conclusion (Speech on World Water Day)

Hence today, let’s inculcate the above virtues of water… Further, let’s remain connected to the Highest Source God, to remain full of His divine energy of peace love & happiness, and also keep sharing these treasures with all… This wonderful balance of God’s remembrance & serving others will emerge the divine virtues within us & those around us, hence helping bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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