My 8th original article published in ‘The World Renewal’

Hello, dear friends!

Fabulous news again! My 8th original article has been published in the May 2018 issue of ‘The World Renewal‘… The wonderful flow of published articles continues, it’s 4 months in a row now!

The topic is ‘De-Addiction in the Spiritual Way‘. It’s about how easy it is to leave addictions with Spirituality (by simply filling ourselves with true happiness!), and shares some wonderful inspirational points encouraging to leave addictions.

Hence, you might wish to share this article with all your dear contacts, who are even starting to go towards such substances… This’ll be your biggest act of good wishes for them, which’ll definitely earn you lots of blessings!

As you know, The World Renewal is a renowned international spiritual magazine by the Brahma Kumaris (monthly), with more than 2 lakh copies posted monthly worldwide!

Am indeed very very thankful to God for this!

This article has been published now on the occasion of ‘World No-Tobacco Day (May 31st)’

Please find the published article below:

Page 1/2 of 'De-Addiction in the Spiritual Way'
Page 1/2
Page 2/2 of 'De-Addiction in the Spiritual Way'
Page 2/2
Cover Picture of May 18 issue of 'The World Renewal'
Cover Picture of May 2018 issue of ‘The World Renewal’

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