Spiritual Lessons from Fire

Spiritual Lessons from Fire imageSpiritual Lessons from Fire

Today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual lessons from Fire!

Fire transforms everything put inside it:

  • Vegetables become nice & soft… Similarly, let’s also become very soft-spoken from within
  • Raw bricks become hard & solid… Similarly, let’s always maintain a rock-solid state of mind
  • Gold becomes pure… Similarly, let’s also become very pure & genuine from within!
  • Waste gets burned… Similarly, let’s burn all waste thoughts in the fire of God’s love!

Indeed, let’s remain in the fire of meditation which burns all weaknesses within, and makes us very pure!

Hence, to remain free from the fire of sorrow, let’s remain higher… ie in the elevated company of the Supreme!

Heaters & warmers provide excellent warmth in cold weather… Similarly, let our jollyness warm the hearts of all around!

Egyptians consider fire as a deity, and Indians also call fire as agni dev (ie deity) … Similarly, let’s also become very pure & divine like deities

The flame in a diya is also fire… Hence, like the word diya means to give, let’s keep giving to all… And like the diya is a flame on earthen vessel, let’s remain in the awareness of being souls in this physical body!

A firefly is tiny, yet gives light to all… Similarly, let’s remain in the awareness of being a tiny firefly-like soul, and show the way to all!

Many say there’s a fire in the stomach which aids digestion… Similarly, let’s also keep churning spiritual knowledge to ensure it gets very easily digested (ie assimilated) within us!

Cooked food is easier to digest than raw food… Similarly, let’s keep the fire of churning spiritual knowledge ignited within us always, and hence share very refined knowledge with all!

God says the whole world is burning in the fire of vices & weaknesses today,.. Hence, let’s become those divine cool angels which soothe the hearts of all!

Fever is also like fire within… Hence, let’s take full care of the body to ensure disease doesn’t occur… And if even after that the body falls ill, let’s remain stable & happy in the awareness that as are the thoughts, so are the vibrations radiated to the body… Hence, maintaining an elevated stage is most important to ensure a quick & speedy recovery!

Indeed, even if fire-like situations come, let’s avoid describing & complaining about it… Instead, let’s focus on empowering the self, & face the situations with grace!

Fire can burn forests, and fire also provides heat & light… Similarly, we can use social media to illuminate the lives of many, or to fill ourselves with waste… The choice is ours!

Dry ice (ie solid carbon dioxide) has a burning effect ie even though it’s ice, it burns… Similarly, let’s not show something different outside, & be something entirely different inside… ie let’s maintain harmony between our thoughts, words & actions

Removing someone from their job is also called firing them… Hence, let’s always ensure we give enough chances to our employees before making this extreme move… To ensure they don’t leave by giving something other than blessings

Spicy food also feels like fire… Hence, let’s keep control over our tongue (ie the addiction to taste), to ensure our body remains healthy!

Direct fire burns… Hence, let’s leave the fire of anger which hurts others

Many’s eyes get red & hot with anger… Hence let’s leave this anger, which spoils the beauty of the face, as well as that of the mind!

Even a small matchstick can create fire… Similarly, if we don’t focus on empowering our self & let our mind remain weak, then even very small situations can trigger fire-like responses & emotions within us… Hence, let’s spare atleast some time daily for empowering our mind!

While boiling milk, if we keep taking the vessel on & off the gas every minute, the milk will never boil… Similarly, need to practice proper meditating by specially sitting for it for 15-20 minutes daily, to get the full benefits of meditation!

Many moths sacrifice themselves in the flame (ie shama & parwaana)… Similarly, let’s live our life so completely on God’s elevated directions… That we become invisible, and only God is visible through us!

Conclusion (Spiritual Lessons from Fire)

Hence today, by establishing a direct connection with the Supreme, let’s re-ignite the fire of transformation within us, and thereby become very pure once again… Then, let’s also become those divine cool angels which keep pouring the water of coolness on all… Hence, this self-purification & benefitting others will make us instrumental in bringing the ever-cool land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

The Sun is like a big ball of fire… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual lessons from the Sun!

Firefighters are experts at extinguishing fire… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual lessons from firefighters!

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