‘The World Renewal’ articles

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Please find below all my articles published in ‘The World Renewal’

The World Renewal is a renowned international spiritual magazine (monthly) by the Brahma Kumaris, with more than 2 lakh copies posted monthly worldwide!

  1. Understanding and Overcoming Anger
  2. Creating a soul-conscious stage
  3. Understanding and Practising Easy Spirituality
  4. God’s Accurate Introduction shared by God Himself
  5. Consciousness of being an instrument of service
  6. Applying the tilak of soul-consciousness
  7. Easy Tips for enhancing Emotional Health (on the occasion of World Health Day)
  8. De-Addiction in the Spiritual Way (on the occasion of World No-Tobacco Day)
  9. International Day of Yoga (June 21st)
  10. Wishing a very Happy Friendship Day to God, our Best Friend!
  11. International Day of Peace (September 21st)
  12. Spiritual Significance of Dussehra & Diwali
  13. Spiritual Significance of Christmas
  14. Happy Republic Day (January 26th)
  15. Happy National Science Day (February 28th)
  16. Being Happy Always (March 20th)