World Water Day

Thought Conservation is as important as Water Conservation

Today, 22nd March, is World Water Day. There will be increasing emphasis in the world today on conservation of water. And indeed, most of us are responsible citizens who turn off the taps, switch off lights / fans, etc when not in use, recognising how valuable these resources are.

Similarly, just like water & electricity are valuable resources, our thought power is the most valuable resource we have. Continue reading “World Water Day”

Happy Holi

Hello, my dear friends!

The festival of colours has come again. This Holi, let us strive to remain colored in the divine company of the Supreme Father!

His colours are the colours of purity and peace, love and happiness! Let us connect to Him directly, and fill ourselves fully with all these colours! Then, we can spray everyone around us with the same divine colours, creating a wave!

Let’s start celebrating Holi inside as well!

Happy Holi! Om Shanti!