World Water Day

Thought Conservation is as important as Water Conservation

Today, 22nd March, is World Water Day. There will be increasing emphasis in the world today on conservation of water. And indeed, most of us are responsible citizens who turn off the taps, switch off lights / fans, etc when not in use, recognising how valuable these resources are.

Similarly, just like water & electricity are valuable resources, our thought power is the most valuable resource we have. And so many times, we see it going waste, thinking about the past, about what others should do, worrying, complaining, etc. So today, along with conserving water, let us also keep a check on our thoughts, and change them as soon as they start going in a waste direction.

Just by doing this once or twice, we will experience a big increase in our energy level inside, making everything easy.

Since thoughts are the foundation of our life, be it emotional health, physical health, career / work, relations, etc caring for thoughts ensures everything else is automatically cared for. It’s like watering the seed of a tree, which automatically ensures all branches, leaves, etc are nourished. Hence, we get much more results with very less efforts.

Om Shanti!

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