Happy Mother’s Day to God, the Supreme Parent

Today is Mother’s Day! Hence today, alongwith remembering our dear Mom who has brought us up with so much love & care, let us also remember our Supreme Parent, God!

He loves us unconditionally, always sees our virtues & specialities, always encourages us ahead, ignoring all our past mistakes… Hence, today let us take just a moment now to thank God for everything.

This connects our frequency to Him, and since He’s a constant radiator of love, it fills our hearts with His divine love. This automatically radiates to everyone around us, helping us again create the world of true love outside!

The main reason we remain disconnected from God’s love is the belief that everything happens according to God’s will, including all our unpleasant situations. This makes it impossible to like God, hence today let’s understand that all situations are just a result of our past Karma, God being the ever-pure perfect Parent can never create even a single negative thought for us.

In fact, irrespective of everything, He stays with us always, continuing to guide us with His knowledge & powers which empowers us to create the most elevated destiny, also helping us cross unpleasant events in an extremely easy manner.

Hence, let us remove these little barriers, and rejoin our relation with Him, which makes each & every aspect of our life easy & beautiful. Indeed, when the child’s hand is in the hand of the Parent, crossing the most crowded / toughest of roads becomes very easy, infact a playful experience. Similarly, when we keep God as our Companion, sailing through life becomes a breeze, an experience full of purity, peace, love & bliss!

Om Shanti!

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