Does Money bring happiness?

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Does Money bring happiness?

Would recommend you to first read yesterday’s wonderful article on ‘Do Objects give happiness?’

Money is essential for fulfilling our physical needs, so we definitely need to earn well no doubt… But does it give happiness?

We saw yesterday that objects don’t give happiness, but it’s the thoughts I create in response to getting that object which determines my happiness.

Similarly, if wealth gave happiness, then:

  • The richest people would have been the happiest 
  • Our happiness should have increased in direct proportion to increasing wealth
  • Then, for example, our happiness should have doubled when moving from Rs. 5 lakh car to Rs. 10 lakh car

Since neither of the above is true, it clearly shows that wealth doesn’t give happiness

Conclusion (Does Money bring happiness?) 

Hence again, physical wealth can only give me physical comfort (& gifts, facilities, etc)… While it’s the subtle wealth of right thinking, blessings from others, etc which gives subtle happiness (& peace of mind, good relations, etc)!… Hence while we do need to make full efforts to earn, but even if by chance our capacity to earn is limited, we can still definitely remain happy always!

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