Spiritual Inspirations from Monkeys

Spiritual Inspirations from Monkeys pictureSpiritual Inspirations from Monkeys

19th August is World Orangutan Day 🐵. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from monkeys! 🐒

Becoming full of all treasures!

The word monkey resembles man key ie the key of the mind… Hence, the easiest method of empowering the mind is to keep with us the Master Key “Mera Baba” ie my Supreme Father, to become full of all treasures!

The deity Shri Hanuman is shown as a monkey… Hence, let’s make our stage very pure & divine, like deities!

Monkeys are experts at climbing trees 🌳… Hence, let’s become experts at creating an elevated state of mind!

Monkeys are also found in hilly areas… Hence like hills, let’s become very cool from within!

Monkeys are light-weight… Hence, let’s also become very light from within!

The word monkey contains the word monk… Hence even while working, let’s keep our stage very pure & divine, by just keeping God alongside us!

Excelling at Workplace!

Orangutans have very strong arms 💪, allowing them to move quickly from one tree’s branch to another… Similarly, let’s empower the mind, to experience very fast progress & success in our career & work!

If we remove the letter ‘k’ from monkey, it becomes money 💸… Hence, let’s earn the wealth of spiritual wisdom, to make earning physical wealth very easy & simple!

Monkeys are very quick & agile… Hence, by silencing the mind through the power of meditation, let’s take quick & accurate decisions at every step!

Making relationships beautiful!

Monkeys make a loud screeching sound… Hence, let’s avoid disturbing others, by keeping our tone of voice very soft & sweet!

Monkeys have enlarged cheeks… Hence, let’s share a large amount of sweetness with all!

The Ape family is very large; consisting of gorillas 🦍, orangutans 🐵, chimpanzees, monkeys 🐒, etc… Similarly being children of the same Supreme Father, even we’ve a huge wonderful family, comprising of the whole world!

Caring for the mind!

Monkeys are experts at stealing food… Hence, let’s become experts at stealing (ie finding) time for empowering the mind, atleast on Sundays & weekends!

Some train monkeys to perform shows for them… Hence if even monkeys can be trained, we can definitely train our mind to think & feel positive, stable & happy in all situations!

Monkeys are deceptive… Similarly, even our old habits are quite deceptive, hence let’s keep full attention on our every thought!

Monkeys waste a lot of food… Hence, let’s avoid creating waste thoughts, which drain a lot of our energy!

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil Monkeys image

Gandhiji is shown with the 3 wise monkeys “See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Talk no Evil”… Hence, let’s also think no evil, to ensure our words & actions are automatically of the right quality!

Monkeys play many tricks in circuses… Hence, let’s trick our old sanskars to become victorious over them… e.g., postpone getting angry, thinking on issues, etc for the end of the day, then since their power will reduce till then, put a full stop later!

Going beyond Mischief!

Monkeys are mischievous 🙉… Hence let’s avoid playing pranks on others, since it earns us lots of negative vibrations, which instantly drain away our happiness!

Monkeys like to copy what we do 🙈… Hence rather than copying others’ behavior (when they behave wrongly with us), let’s stick to our original behavior of peace love & joy!

Monkeys easily lose their temper 😡, and a mad monkey can wreak havoc… Hence considering that psychology describes anger as temporary insanity, let’s protect ourselves from it!

Monkeys are full of the 5 vices… Hence, let’s always keep the image of monkey in front of us, to stay beyond all vices & weaknesses!

Even we were filled with negativity & weaknesses before, hence God says I’ve come to transform you from being like monkeys to worship-worthy deities (bandar se mandir laayak)… Hence, let’s fill ourselves with divine virtues through the power of spiritual knowledge & meditation, under God’s divine guidance… To once again become from humans to deities, hence also helping make the world into Satyuga again!  

Conclusion (Spiritual Inspirations from Monkeys)

Hence in essence, let’s go beyond mischief and make our stage very elevated, cool & light; by remaining connected to the Ocean of all Treasures God… This automatically makes our work & relations very beautiful, and we keep increasing the inculcation of divine virtues in our life, hence becoming instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Apes resemble humans in some aspects, but lack intelligence… Hence considering our higher intelligence, let’s understand what true intelligence means!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from elephants 🐘, lions 🦁, tigers 🐯, giraffes 🦒, cows 🐄, turtles 🐢, birds 🐦, honeybees 🐝, pests 🐞!

Orangutans live in forests… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from trees & Forests 🌳!

Hope you liked this article on ‘Spiritual Inspirations from Monkeys’!