Wish you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan | Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes

Wish you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan | Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes imageHappy Raksha Bandhan Wishes

Tomorrow is the wonderful festival of Raksha Bandhan… Hence today, let’s understand the spiritual significance of Raksha Bandhan!

Spiritual Inspirations from Raksha Bandhan

Like we decorate the Rakhi dish so beautifully, let’s decorate our life with divine virtues!

Like we share sweets, let’s keep our words full of sweetness!

Like we exchange gifts, let’s give the gift of good wishes to all… And for that, first the gift of forgiving & forgetting past matters!

We wear new clothes in festivals… Similarly, let’s inculcate newness in our every thought, word & action!

Before tying Rakhi, a tilak is applied on the forehead… This just denotes the awareness of being a soul (since the location of soul is the centre of forehead!)

The relation of brother & sister is one of the purest… Hence let’s also ensure the same purity in our thoughts ie let’s pledge not to create even a single negative thought ever for each other!

Spiritual Inspirations from Rakhis

Today, rakhis come in many different forms:

  • Many Rakhis contain gemstones… Hence, let’s always remain in the awareness of being God’s sparkling diamond!
  • Many Rakhis contain cartoon characters.. Hence let’s avoid becoming a cartoon (ie experiencing a range of emotions daily), but become like a deity (ie stable in the experience of peace, love & joy always!)
  • Many Rakhis are pricky… Hence, let’s avoid disturbing others!
  • Many Rakhis are simple, while some are fancy… Hence rather than just focusing on external looks, let’s inculcate simplicity in our every thought… To remain in the experience of true peace love & joy always!

God, the Supreme Brother!

The brother gives a promise to protect the sister always… Hence, let’s make God our Supreme Brother, because only He can stay with & protect us 24×7!

It’s the time of get-together… Similarly, let’s celebrate a get-together with God everyday!

Many brothers also give some money to the sister… Similarly, God showers on us the wealth of spiritual wisdom daily!

Many even make their neighbours, friends, etc as their brother / sister… And God says, being children of one Supreme Father, the whole world is your family ie like your brothers & sisters… Hence, let’s interact with all through this unlimited awareness, to keep sharing lots of love & good wishes with all!

The pledge of purity!

It’s actually the festival of purity… Symbolic of the present times when God ties us in the pledge of purity!

Indeed, purity is the biggest protection… Since it creates a very powerful aura around the self, which repels even a single negative vibration or impure vision from coming towards us!

Many keep the Rakhi tied on their hand for months… Hence, let’s remember our pledge of purity for a lifetime!

Rakhi comes in many beautiful varieties today… Hence, when we inculcate the virtue of purity within, it automatically leads to the constant experience of peace love & joy!

The foundation of divinity!

Raksha Bandhan marks the start of the festive season, being followed by Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami, Navratri, Diwali, etc… Hence when we inculcate purity within:

  • Our Intellect starts becoming golden ie which can easily inculcate spiritual wisdom (like Shri Ganesha)
  • It emerges all the divine sanskars (like Shri Krishna) within us
  • Purity is Power (Shakti), & it also conserves a lot of our energy
  • We start becoming victorious over the vices & weaknesses (Ravan) within!
  • It acts as the basis for bringing the new world (Diwali & new year) Satyuga once again!

The word bandhan actually means bondage, but Raksha Bandhan is a very sweet bond of protection… Hence, let’s tie ourselves into small self-chosen disciplines, to protect our elevated state of mind, hence making peace & love very natural… Examples:

  • I’ll listen to pure information for atleast 15 minutes daily
  • I’ll not spend more than 15 minutes on social media
  • etc

While tying rakhi, we ensure it’s not too loose nor too tight… Similarly in life, let’s keep the balance of love & law… ie rather than just give instructions, let’s shower everyone around with lots of love!

Many send Rakhi by post… Similarly, let’s visualize as if God has sent us a Rakhi from above, & tie this pledge of purity with a lot of love… Indeed, I would heartily invite you to come & tie Rakhi at your nearest Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation Centre, by just telling the sister I’ve come to tie Rakhi… It’ll be a wonderful experience in the very pure environment of the Centre, I assure you!

Conclusion (Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes)

Hence today, let’s tie ourselves in the bond of purity, to remain in a very natural & easy experience of peace love & joy… Indeed, purity makes our connection with the Supreme very close & powerful, thus filling us with all attainments… Hence, this inculcation of divine virtues within & spirituality serving others will bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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