The Gift of Good Wishes

The Gift of Good Wishes pictureEveryone likes gifts, hence today let’s give everyone the gift of good wishes!

Hence, whenever we interact with someone, let’s create good thoughts for them, like:

  • May good happen to them
  • May they be benefitted
  • May they progress in their lives
  • May they achieve success
  • May they remain happy always
  • May they become full of the experience of peace, love & joy
  • May they remain free from even the slightest trace of sorrow
  • May they get connected to God, thus become full of all attainments

This not only radiates positive energy in the relation, but also creates very good feelings within us. Hence, if we practice creating pure thoughts in every interaction, it provides the easiest method of maintaining an elevated stage throughout the day.

Hence today, let’s give the gift of good wishes in every interaction. And don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below!

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