Experiencing God as Supreme Beloved | Happy Valentine’s Day Messages

Experiencing God as Supreme Beloved | Happy Valentine’s Day Messages | Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes image

Experiencing God as Supreme Beloved | Happy Valentine’s Day Messages

14th February is Valentine’s Day. Hence today, let’s wish our eternal Beloved God, a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is one of the most sought-after emotions… Today, let’s realize that no bodily being can give us love or positive vibrations always since everyone’s battery is discharged now at end of Kaliyuga… Only God, since He’s always full, can constantly radiate love to us always, and He doesn’t create even a single negative vibration for us!

Indeed, God is the eternal Beloved since He:

  • Is the Ocean of Love
  • Accepts us unconditionally
  • Always sees our virtues & encourages us ahead, ignoring all weaknesses
  • Is always available for us 24×7

Even we used to see only our weaknesses before, but when God started looking at us with such an elevated vision & saw our specialities, even we started seeing our specialities… Hence, it’s only God’s unconditional love which truly enhances our self-respect, thus empowering us to finish all weaknesses

Hence, whenever we feel even slightly low, it’s a very good practice to just take a moment to remember how much God loves us, how elevated a vision He holds for us… This automatically starts pushing our state of mind in an upward direction.

Experiencing God’s love is very easy:

  • Just remember how much He has helped you numerous times, during times of need
  • Listening to His direct versions (i.e., the Murli) with attention, helps us very easily feel the great love He has on all of us
  • Connecting to Him in meditation helps us experience His very pure soothing vibrations of love
  • Keeping God as our Companion throughout the day, makes all our activities easy… This is also one of the benefits of experiencing God’s love
  • Further, when listening to a song of love, always consider it as being sung for God… This’ll fill you with wonderful experiences, and keep your frequency connected to a much higher level always

Love means I like & do what my Beloved likes… And God always likes seeing me having an elevated state of mind, being happy always, and serving others using spiritual knowledge virtues & powers… Indeed, God wants to see us completely free from weaknesses, free from even a trace of sorrow… Hence, let’s empower our mind through spiritual knowledge & meditation, to fulfill the divine aspirations God has on us!

When we remain filled with God’s love, we automatically start sharing this love with all… Hence, we start seeing the virtues & specialities of others, understand & accept them, appreciate them, etc which automatically reflects through our sweet words & royal behavior… And the more we keep sharing love with all in this manner, the more it keeps increasing within us… Hence, on one side, we keep experiencing God’s love and on the other hand, it keeps increasing within us the more we share… Hence, we become full of love, love & only love!

Thus, by keeping only one God in our heart, let’s remain so immersed in God’s love that everyone experiences God’s love through us… Indeed, in today’s world where everyone’s looking for acceptance approval & appreciation i.e., everyone needs true love, let’s become those divine angels who share only love & happiness with all

Love is such a pure emotion, that it has absolutely no physical / impure dimension… And it’s an unlimited feeling, not limited for only a few people, but love is for constantly sharing & radiating to each & every one around us.

Remaining lost in God’s love has numerous other benefits:

  • The more we remain engrossed in the experience of God’s love, it automatically keeps radiating powerful vibrations of love everywhere around, hence subtly but surely reducing the hatred & sorrow in the world
  • Many scientific researches have shown the emotion of love is very beneficial for the heart… Hence, remaining merged in God’s love automatically keeps our heart healed

Conclusion (Happy Valentine’s Day Messages)

Hence today, let’s remember that I (the soul) am an embodiment of love, and God (the Supreme Soul) is the Ocean of Love… This awareness very easily connects us to His elevated frequency, and we experience a powerful current of His soothing vibrations of love flowing towards us… This fills us with His divine love, hence radiating powerful vibrations of love everywhere around us, and we keep sharing this love with all… Hence, remaining lost in God’s love makes us instrumental in bringing the Land of Love, the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

To practically experience God’s direct love as described above (like I’ve experienced!)… Would highly recommend you to attend the free 7 Day Rajyoga Meditation Course (1 hour every day) at your nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre once!

Let’s also experience God as the Supreme Friend, Brother, Mother, Father, Teacher, Satguru & Beloved

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