Experiencing God as Supreme Brother | Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes

Experiencing God as Supreme Brother | Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes imageExperiencing God as Supreme Brother | Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes

It’s the Indian Festival of Bhai Dooj… Hence today, let’s experience God as Supreme Brother!

The most wonderful elder brother!

The elder brother is a source of protection… Hence, God’s knowledge & divine company keeps us protected from external influence, as well as from our own old habits!

The big brother is usually more powerful & responsible… Hence, let’s handover the burden of our responsibilities to God, & remain very light & relaxed!

A wonderful relationship!

On this day, the sister invites the brother for food… Hence, let’s always call God before eating i.e., eat in His very loving remembrance!… This keeps radiating very pure & elevated vibrations into the food, hence significantly helping heal the body & mind!

The elder brother is more experienced… Hence, let’s safely keep following God’s elevated directions with a lot of love!

Brothers are usually seen together… Hence, let’s always remain in the elevated company of God, to remain full of divine experiences!

Brothers resemble each other… Hence, let’s remain so merged in God’s love, that His features get reflected on our face!

Brothers are usually united… Hence, let’s always remain united with God, by:

  • Remembering God can never give sorrow, He only gives happiness & joy!
  • Remembering & appreciating His various titles in meditation!

Becoming the perfect younger brother!

The younger one tends to get more love & attention from all… Hence, let’s make God the elder brother, to remain the more loved one!

The younger one is usually more enthusiastic & adventurous… Hence, let’s always remain full of enthusiasm in maintaining an elevated state of mind always, & in spiritually serving & benefitting others!

Becoming like Him!

We look up towards our elder brother… Hence, let’s take inspiration from God’s divine virtues & duties, in our practical life!

The younger brother tends to mimic / copy the elder brother… Hence, let’s copy God’s thoughts words & actions, which automatically keeps our stage very elevated, divine & benevolent! (i.e., beneficial for others!)

Brothers tend to be compared by others… Hence, let’s keep comparing ourselves to God, to keep becoming more & more like Him!

Experiencing all relations with One!

The younger brother learns many things from the elder brother… Hence, let’s make God our Supreme Teacher, to learn how to live life under His most elevated guidance (& loving canopy of protection!)

In the absence of the father, the big brother becomes the father-like figure in the family… Hence, let’s also experience God as the Supreme Father!

Indeed, let’s also make God our Mother, Satguru, Friend & Beloved… i.e., experience all relations in One!

Meditation Commentary (Happy Bhai Dooj Wishes)

I the soul.. Being of Light.. Full of peace & love.. Master of this body.. 

God’s in front of me.. Giving all burdens to Him.. I become absolutely light & relaxed..

Under His loving canopy.. I’m secure, protected.. Growing at every step..

Empowered to give love to all.. Helping create a better new world.. In His divine company!

Om Shanti!

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