Keeping Attention on our Thoughts

Attention on our Thoughts pictureAttention on our Thoughts

To use any gadget, we first need to give attention to it (to see it, understand it then use it)

Similarly, to use our mind for creating positive thoughts & avoiding negative, we need to give attention to it.

And there are numerous benefits of keeping attention on our thoughts:

  • The moment we look at our thoughts, they begin to slow down. Hence, we experience peace
  • We can see our thoughts, hence enabling us to change them if needed
  • Our thoughts start coming in our control
  • We develop a very close loving relationship with our mind
  • Since our focus is inside, we become largely free from the influence of external situations & people
  • It increases our level of self-control, hence resulting in a greater sense of emotional security & inner power, which is very comfortable for us

Hence today, let’s keep attention on our thoughts regularly. Don’t worry about changing them, just remaining aware is the 1st step. Then from tomorrow, we’ll discuss on specific ways to deal with each specific negative emotion, hence moving towards being stable & happy always!

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