International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace imageWishing you a very peaceful International Day of Peace

Today, 21st September is International Day of Peace. Hence, sending Greetings of Peace to you on this special day. Today, let’s explore what peace is, how to remain peaceful the entire day, and it’s benefits.

What is Peace, and how to remain peaceful?


Peace is the gap between two thoughts, hence the slower our thoughts the greater the experience of peace. And thoughts are fast when they’re waste or negative, with pure elevated thoughts being very slow in nature.


Hence, in simple terms, the key to increase the experience of peace throughout our day is to:
  1. Increase the number of high-quality thoughts
  2. Reduce the number of low-quality (waste & negative) thoughts


Role of Spiritual Knowledge


Knowledge helps us increase high-quality thoughts by reminding us of elevated truths:
  • While interacting with others, we remember:
    • They’re pure divine souls
    • They’re child of One Supreme Father, hence we’re brother souls
    • Looking at their virtues & specialities, etc
  • Elevated self-respect points to keep in awareness while working, like:
    • I’m a unique special soul with many specialities
    • I’m God’s special child, God & all His powers are with me, success is my birthright
    • I’m a victorious jewel
    • I’m a diamond
    • I’m the hero actor of this world drama
    • I’m a divine soul, etc
  • In relationships, we remember they’re all souls on a long journey, having had different experiences hence created different sanskars. Hence,
    • They’re right from their perspective
    • They’ve a reason for what they’re doing
    • They’re not wrong
    • It’s not their fault, etc
  • Happiness is my internal creation & choice, hence I have the power to remain stable & happy irrespective of situations, people & body condition


Role of Meditation


Meditation increases high-quality thoughts, since it’s the process itself of creating elevated thoughts… At the same time, it shifts our frequency to a higher level hence many types of waste thoughts don’t even arise… Like when our immunity power is strong, many types of flu cold etc don’t even arise.
We could create the following thoughts in meditation for a powerful experience of peace:
  • I’m peaceful… calm… relaxed… silent… patient …
  • I’m a peaceful soul… Vibrations of peace are spreading from me all around
  • I’m child of the Ocean of Peace (God)
  • Powerful vibrations of peace are reaching from God to me… I’m getting filled with God’s peace
  • God’s with me, all my tasks have become easy… Even if challenges come, God’s powers will help me cross them with stability
  • I give all my burdens to God, and become very very light
  • Every scene of this world drama is accurate, beneficial & nothing new, no need for extra questions


Keeping attention on our thoughts


Further, keeping attention on our thoughts helps catch when they start going in a negative direction… Then, Knowledge also helps reduce these waste-quality thoughts by providing specific ways to deal with each specific negative emotion… Ex. If someone gets angry at us, we can remember:
  • They’re in more pain than us
  • They’re not actually saying to us, but just reflecting their inner disturbed state of mind
  • They must have had a difficult day
  • Although they’ve said something, the thoughts I create inside are still entirely by creation & choice
  • As is the thought so is the feeling, hence I’m responsible for my feelings & state of mind
  • Let me send thoughts of peace to them, hence protecting me & at the same time helping them, etc


Benefits of Peace


Hence today, let’s aim to be peaceful the whole day. This not only makes us feel very comfortable, but also:
  • Radiates comfortable vibrations to the body, keeping it healthier… Peace also makes body organs work more efficiently & in harmony, & improves sleep quality
  • Creates a peaceful environment around, benefitting all
  • Significantly improves our focus / concentration resulting in improved work efficiency, intuition, creativity, job satisfaction, etc
  • Provides greater space to understand accept & accommodate others, hence improving relations
  • Inspires others too to work in a peaceful way, creating a wave of transformation


Conclusion (International Day of Peace) 

Hence, in essence, let’s remain in the awareness of our original quality of peace and remain connected to God, the Ocean of Peace. This will keep us full of the experience of peace, making us instrumental in bringing the Land of Peace, the illustrious time of Golden Age once again.


Om Shanti!


Thanks for reading this article on ‘International Day of Peace’! 



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