Accepting People’s Behaviour

Accepting People's Behaviour picture
Accepting People’s Behaviour

One of the major causes of sorrow today is people’s words & behaviour. Hence let’s overcome this, by creating thoughts like:

  • They must have had a bad day, it’s not their fault
  • They’re in more pain
  • What they said was outside, but what goes on inside me (ie my thoughts & feelings) is entirely my creation & choice
  • I can protect myself from their influence, they can’t!
  • Let me share peace & love with them, through my stability & peace
  • They’re not saying to me, just reflecting their inner disturbed state of mind
  • I don’t want the situation to escalate… Hence, I withdraw since a clap requires both hands (ie a conflict requires both!)

Hence let’s shift from influence & blame, to stability & support… Thus creating a life of peace, love & harmony!

Best wishes!

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