Concluding Thoughts | How to be Positive Always

How to be Positive Always pictureConcluding Thoughts / How to be Positive Always!

Note: This is the last post of the ‘Positive Thinking‘ series

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We have looked at various ways to think positive… Like enhancing self respect, having gratitude, looking at virtues, giving good wishes, etc… Then, keeping attention on our thoughts & overcoming guilt, hurry, jealousy, anger… And finally, dealing with the past, situations, people (and forgive & forget)

Most importantly, we have seen & experienced that daily listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation are THE only techniques to keep thinking positive throughout the day & throughout life.

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And, the most elevated source of information is God’s direct elevated versions (called Murli, which we listen to daily, & is different everyday!)…. Hence while concluding this series, would highly recommend you to do the free 7 day Rajyoga Meditation Course once (at your nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre), and then attend Murli class regularly for atleast a month… You’ll then be easily able to decide on the best future course of action, & become a regular student!

Making meditation easy!

We’ve seen meditation means creating a series of elevated thoughts. However, since the nature of the mind is it requires newness, if we create the same thoughts daily in meditation, it’ll get bored. Hence, need access to a regular source of new high-quality thoughts to create in meditation, and the best source is the Murli!

Meditation also becomes easy in the very pure environment of the Centre. The resulting easy & powerful experiences we get at the Centre then make our meditation at home powerful too, enabling us to create an equally powerful environment at home too!

Best wishes!

Hope you enjoyed the series ‘Positive Thinking‘!

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Finding Time for the Self | The Solution to ‘I don’t have Time’

Finding Time for the Self | The Solution to 'I don't have time' pictureFinding Time for the Self | The Solution to ‘I don’t have Time’

There’re many activities which don’t require the mind at all (during which we can easily pop in our headphones & listen to a spiritual session!)… Like:

  • Travel Time
  • Eating food, cooking food
  • Getting ready in the morning
  • Walking from one place to another 

In addition, we have lots of time on weekends & holidays (like today!)

And compared to the time given, we save much much more time during the day (Like investing Rs. 100 & getting back Rs. 1,000!)… Because:

  • Our efficiency increases, due to the increased energy within!
  • Concentration improves (due to less waste thoughts), enabling us to do more in less time
  • Sleep quality improves, hence we require less hours of sleep

Thus it’s all about priorities, rather than time. Hence, let’s make the intelligent decision of giving priority to empowering our mind (even if for just 15-20 minutes daily), which makes all other aspects of our life very simple, easy & natural!

Best wishes!

Note: If you’re free for yourself today, check out my specially created playlist of the latest sessions by Sister Shivani… You may listen to any topic you like!

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How to overcome Jealousy – 5 Thoughts to deal with Jealousy

How to overcome Jealousy | 5 Thoughts to deal with Jealousy pictureHow to overcome Jealousy

Jealousy is an emotion which creeps in very subtly… Hence, let’s protect from it, by remembering the following thoughts:

  • I’m actually getting jealous of success, not the other person… Hence, success will never come to me!
  • Everyone’s specialities are different, hence I might have some specialities they don’t have
  • What good they’ve got is an accurate return of their past karma, they fully deserve it!
  • Let me focus instead on the specialities I’ve got, & make they grow!
  • Jealousy is a fire which burns us from within, leads to many killer diseases, & prevents us using our gifts & talents

Hence, even if a thought of jealousy comes, let’s instantly finish it by emerging the virtue of contentment… And since contentment’s the king of all virtues, it automatically leads to all other virtues, hence we remain full of true peace, love & joy!

Best of luck!

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Accepting People’s Behaviour

Accepting People's Behaviour picture
Accepting People’s Behaviour

One of the major causes of sorrow today is people’s words & behaviour. Hence let’s overcome this, by creating thoughts like:

  • They must have had a bad day, it’s not their fault
  • They’re in more pain
  • What they said was outside, but what goes on inside me (ie my thoughts & feelings) is entirely my creation & choice
  • I can protect myself from their influence, they can’t!
  • Let me share peace & love with them, through my stability & peace
  • They’re not saying to me, just reflecting their inner disturbed state of mind
  • I don’t want the situation to escalate… Hence, I withdraw since a clap requires both hands (ie a conflict requires both!)

Hence let’s shift from influence & blame, to stability & support… Thus creating a life of peace, love & harmony!

Best wishes!

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Forgive and Forget

Forgive and Forget quoteForgive and Forget

Forgiveness becomes natural, when we remember:

  • By forgiving, we’re freeing ourselves from a lot of pain. Hence, we’re actually forgiving ourselves, not them!
  • Forgiveness is a virtue of the great, an ornament of the brave
  • It was my past karmic account which is now over, but if I remain in pain I’m recreating a similar-quality karmic account again!
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Forgetting becomes natural, when:

  • We forgive with a true heart
  • We make proper plans to protect from being cheated again
  • We practice meditation, which shifts our frequency much higher above waste memories
  • We involve ourselves in activities of spiritually serving others

Hence let’s forgive and forget, to free ourselves from pain, & experience true peace. Indeed, let’s move on to experience the golden opportunities that life is constantly offering to us!

Best of Luck!

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Facing Difficult Situations | How to deal with Situations

Facing Difficult Situations | How to deal with Situations pictureFacing Difficult Situations | How to deal with Situations

Although many of us are facing big situations today, there’re some thoughts which make it much easier to face situations… Like:

  • Situations are outside, they can’t get inside me
  • I’m more powerful than the situation
  • It’s an examination paper, which has come to advance my grade
  • Situations come to make us strong, experienced & to show us our true inner potential
  • If I cross this situation with stability, I’ll be able to inspire & help several others to cross with stability too
  • This situation is small, many others are facing much bigger challenges
  • Even if mountain-like situations come, I the spiritual bird will fly over them with grace! 
  • Situations are lifeless… Only by thinking over them extra, they increase in size
  • Situations are just the creation of a weak mind… Hence, let’s empower ourselves, to finish half the situations there itself!

Hence in essence, let’s make ourselves bigger & the situation smaller, thus enabling us to infact use situations for enhancing our progress, hence transforming the negative situation into an illustrious future!

Best wishes!

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Letting go of the Past

Letting go of the Past pictureLetting go of the Past

Sometimes, memories of the past pull our happiness down. Hence, it’s important to protect ourselves from influence of the past.

This becomes very easy, by creating thoughts like:

  • The past has passed, it won’t come again, it’s finished
  • It was my past karmic account which is now over, hence clearing the way to my illustrious future!
  • I’m a powerful soul, I have the power to chose whether to allow the past to influence me or not
  • Past is called Bhoot Kaal in Hindi, hence remembering the past is like remembering ghosts!
  • I’ve learnt from the past, now it’s time to move on
  • The past is not in my control
  • Thinking of the past spoils my present, preventing from taking advantage of golden opportunities presently available

Also, having good experiences in meditation is another powerful technique of merging unpleasant memories of the past..

Hence as is said, the past is history but the present is a gift. Thus, let’s put a full stop to the past, & create good thoughts & feelings in the present, to enjoy a most illustrious present & future!

Best of luck!

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The Art of Anger Management (How to control Anger) [Detailed article]

Overcoming Hurry

Overcoming Hurry pictureOvercoming Hurry

The main reason for hurry is we feel ‘I don’t have time’. While it’s true we’ve many responsibilities to fulfil today, it just means we need to do our actions fast. But, the only slight mistake we do is, we also let our thoughts run too fast.

This actually reduces efficiency, since a fast mind:

  • Makes us forget things
    • For example, rushing to office & then coming back for forgotten tiffin box or mobile
  • Makes us commit mistakes, hence then requiring a lot of time in correction / re-checking
  • Drains a lot of energy, hence exhausting us affecting all our subsequent work

On the other hand, peace enhances efficiency, since:

  • Peace improves our focus / concentration, hence we do more in less time
  • Peace keeps our intuition awakened, enabling better decisions

Hence, this simple realization helps us easily switch from hurry to peace!

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The Art of Anger Management (How to control Anger) [Detailed article]

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Overcoming Guilt (Feeling Guilty)

Overcoming Guilt (Feeling Guilty) pictureOvercoming Guilt (Feeling Guilty)

Guilt doesn’t allow us to remain happy. Hence, it’s important to overcome guilt, which becomes very easy with the following simple understanding:

The more we remain in guilt, the more soul power gets drained. And it’s exactly this power which we need to ensure the mistake made is not repeated again.

Hence whenever in guilt, just ask yourself the question “Do I wish to repeat this mistake again?”. If no, I can’t afford to remain in guilt!

Best Wishes!

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Keeping Attention on our Thoughts

Attention on our Thoughts pictureAttention on our Thoughts

To use any gadget, we first need to give attention to it (to see it, understand it then use it)

Similarly, to use our mind for creating positive thoughts & avoiding negative, we need to give attention to it.

And there are numerous benefits of keeping attention on our thoughts:

  • The moment we look at our thoughts, they begin to slow down. Hence, we experience peace
  • We can see our thoughts, hence enabling us to change them if needed
  • Our thoughts start coming in our control
  • We develop a very close loving relationship with our mind
  • Since our focus is inside, we become largely free from the influence of external situations & people
  • It increases our level of self-control, hence resulting in a greater sense of emotional security & inner power, which is very comfortable for us

Hence today, let’s keep attention on our thoughts regularly. Don’t worry about changing them, just remaining aware is the 1st step. Then from tomorrow, we’ll discuss on specific ways to deal with each specific negative emotion, hence moving towards being stable & happy always!

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