Overcoming Hurry

Overcoming Hurry pictureOvercoming Hurry

The main reason for hurry is we feel ‘I don’t have time’. While it’s true we’ve many responsibilities to fulfil today, it just means we need to do our actions fast. But, the only slight mistake we do is, we also let our thoughts run too fast.

This actually reduces efficiency, since a fast mind:

  • Makes us forget things
    • For example, rushing to office & then coming back for forgotten tiffin box or mobile
  • Makes us commit mistakes, hence then requiring a lot of time in correction / re-checking
  • Drains a lot of energy, hence exhausting us affecting all our subsequent work

On the other hand, peace enhances efficiency, since:

  • Peace improves our focus / concentration, hence we do more in less time
  • Peace keeps our intuition awakened, enabling better decisions

Hence, this simple realization helps us easily switch from hurry to peace!

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