Finding Time for the Self | The Solution to ‘I don’t have Time’

Finding Time for the Self | The Solution to 'I don't have time' pictureFinding Time for the Self | The Solution to ‘I don’t have Time’

There’re many activities which don’t require the mind at all (during which we can easily pop in our headphones & listen to a spiritual session!)… Like:

  • Travel Time
  • Eating food, cooking food
  • Getting ready in the morning
  • Walking from one place to another 

In addition, we have lots of time on weekends & holidays (like today!)

And compared to the time given, we save much much more time during the day (Like investing Rs. 100 & getting back Rs. 1,000!)… Because:

  • Our efficiency increases, due to the increased energy within!
  • Concentration improves (due to less waste thoughts), enabling us to do more in less time
  • Sleep quality improves, hence we require less hours of sleep

Thus it’s all about priorities, rather than time. Hence, let’s make the intelligent decision of giving priority to empowering our mind (even if for just 15-20 minutes daily), which makes all other aspects of our life very simple, easy & natural!

Best wishes!

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