Spiritual Inspirations from Energy (World Energy Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Energy (World Energy Day) pictureTomorrow 22nd July is World Energy Day. Hence today, let’s take some spiritual inspirations from energy! (ie the various energies)

Using our thought energy!

Wind keeps moving naturally, but windmills tap onto this spare resource to generate electric energy… Similarly, our thoughts also go on all the time, hence let’s direct them in a productive direction… Like:

  • Churning spiritual knowledge, to keep increasing our wealth of wisdom
  • Singing (in our mind) songs of God’s love & our illustrious fortune, to remain full of supersensuous joy & happiness
  • Giving good wishes & blessings to all, hence keeping our state of mind most elevated!

Kinetic energy (ie movement) is visible, as compared to potential energy (ie stillness) which is invisible… Hence, let’s perform actions of benefitting others in an incognito manner… To build a tremendous amount of future fortune, & hence remain full of true happiness!

Atomic energy can be used for electrifying millions of villages, as well as for mass destruction… Similarly, gadgets (& social media) can be used for benefitting others, but can also waste a lot of our time & energy… Hence, let’s use them optimally!

Some wrongly believe addictions give energy… However, creating the right pure thoughts gives much much more energy, & without any side effects!

Today, focus is shifting away from conventional sources of energy (which are temporary ex coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc) to non-conventional sources (which are permanent ex solar energy, wind energy, etc)… Similarly, let’s shift from just temporary attainments (food, travel, objects, etc) to also experiencing permanent happiness (through spiritual knowledge & meditation!)

Best Practices

It’s the property of all types of energy (eg sound, magnetic, etc) that energy always vibrates… Similarly, our thought is also energy which has vibrations… And each thought & vibration affects:

  • Each cell of the body, hence physical health
  • Our feelings & emotions, hence emotional health
  • The environment around, hence energy of the place
  • Those for whom it’s created for, hence quality of relationships

Hence, let’s ensure attention on our every thought!

Relationship means an exchange of energy between two souls… Hence, let’s always create the right positive energy for everyone, to build harmonious relationships with all!

We tend to drain a lot of energy in situations.. Hence, let’s go beyond such waste thinking by always remembering:

  • Situations (Paristhiti) come to stabilise us in our elevated position (Swa-sthiti)
  • Obstacles (Vighna) come to make us Destroyer of Obstacles (Vighna Vinashak)
  • Problems (Samasyaa) come to make us an embodiment of solutions (Samadhan Swarup)

The law of karma states that whatever energy we send out, is the same energy we get back… Hence, let’s keep full attention on our thoughts words & actions to ensure we send only the right positive energy everywhere around, hence creating our most illustrious destiny!

Like we give time for sleep to replenish physical energy, let’s also practice meditation to replenish the soul’s energy!

We have maximum energy at the start of the day, plus whatever we think & feel at this time continues very easily for the rest of the day… Hence, let’s chose to empower ourself for the whole day, by sparing few minutes for listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation!

We experience a lot of energy after practicing meditation… Hence, let’s use this energy successfully by benefitting & serving others!

Remaining full of energy the whole day!

The power of spiritual knowledge!

Bananas give instant energy (to the body)… Similarly, listening to spiritual knowledge (even for a few minutes) gives instant energy to the soul!

Energy Conservation is being given great importance today… Similarly, let’s also conserve our thought energy by taking regular %1-minute breaks of silence… To remain full of energy the whole day!

Connecting to the inner power!

Electrical energy is invisible, but it’s existence is proved by the appliances working… Similarly, the existence of the soul is proved by the fact that this body is living!

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed… Hence, the soul (being energy) is immortal, imperishable & indestructible!

The soul has enormous amount of energy within… Hence, let’s remain in the awareness ‘I’m a Powerful Soul’ to emerge the power within!

The word Om has very high frequency sound waves… Hence, let’s remain in the awareness of Om Shanti ie I’m a Peaceful Soul to experience much much more energy within us (as compared to just chanting Om!)

Connecting to the Supreme Energy!

Magnetic energy is also important… Hence, let’s always remain attracted towards the Supreme Magnet God, to remain full of His divine virtues & powers!

The Sun generates energy using a process called Nuclear Fusion (ie two atoms of hydrogen combining to form helium & releasing lots of energy)… Similarly, let’s always remain fused (ie combined) with God, the Sun of Energy to remain full always… Then, let’s also become Master Suns of Energy, and keep sharing this energy with all!

Although most powerful, the Sun (ie solar energy) cannot burn paper on it’s own, for which we need a magnifying glass… Hence, let’s use the power of concentration to experience & fill ourselves with all the powers of the Supreme!

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity mentions Energy = Mass * (Speed of Light)2… Hence, let’s detach from the mass (ie body), to travel to soul world (at the speed of light!), & become full of peace & spiritual Energy!

Creating Satyuga again

Like the battery is a storehouse of electric energy, similarly the soul is also like a battery with spiritual energy… Hence, like we connect the battery to the power socket to recharge it, it’s time to connect the Soul to the Supreme Soul, to become recharged for Satyuga once again!


Hence on World Energy Day today, let’s connect to the inner energy (ie soul) & Supreme energy (ie God) to remain full of energy the whole day… This ensures we automatically keep sharing this energy with all, through our elevated vibrations,. Hence, this recharging of the soul’s battery will bring the divine 100% charged land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Energy is measured in watts & amperes… Hence, let’s take some spiritual inspirations from the various measurement units!

Sound energy is used as a therapy by many (ex. Music therapy)… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from music!

The energy field of every place is different… Hence, let’s also learn how to create high-energy places!

It’s said chocolate gives instant energy… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from chocolate!

Food gives the body energy… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from milk & ice cream!

Children & Youth are full of energy… Hence, let’s become a child once again!And you might also like to read my article on ‘Spiritual Youth Empowerment’!

The earth is surrounded by a field of magnetic energy… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from planet earth!

Hydro-electricity is electricity generated from water-falls… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from water!

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