Wish you a very pure World Milk Day

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Tomorrow June 1st is World Milk Day. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from milk!

The magic of virtues! 

Milk is white in color… Similarly, let’s also become very white, pure & peaceful from within!

The price of milk (like all other commodities) keeps increasing at regular intervals… Similarly, let’s also keep increasing our level of happiness & inculcation of virtues daily!

Milk is nutritious… Similarly, let’s make our words so elevated that they act as the nutrition for others’ minds!

Milk drinks are sweetened… Similarly, let’s also sweeten our thoughts & words!

Milk flavored with chocolate (& milk chocolate) is liked by many… Similarly, let’s also become as likeable & loveable like chocolate!

Milk contains calcium… Hence, let’s also become very strong within like calcium!

Milk can be processed into milk powder, which can be carried anywhere… Similarly, when we inculcate virtues within us, they go with us everywhere, and benefit us in every aspect of life!

The virtue of purity! 

Some mix water in milk, and no one likes such adulterated milk… Hence, let’s avoid adulterating our pure original divine self with anything impure!

Milk is an essential ingredient of the popular beverages tea & coffee… Similarly, purity is essential for holistic success & progress in any field of life!

Today, milk is mixed with many flavors… Hence, when we inculcate the virtue of purity, it automatically emerges all other virtues like peace, love & happiness too… Because God says “Purity is the mother of peace & happiness!”

To become pure like milk, let’s make our sanskars as smooth as silk!

Even a few drops of lemon water spoils the whole milk… Similarly, listening to negative talk about others even for a few minutes, spoils our pure & elevated stage within!

Becoming spiritual! 

Milk can be processed to create numerous products like ghee, butter, cheese, ice-cream, etc… Similarly when we’re very pure from within, God can use us as an instrument for numerous types of service activities, as per His  judgement & our specialities!

Milk is brought home in a special vessel ie milk can… Similarly, the very pure direct spiritual knowledge by God can only be inculcated in a pure vessel ie pure intellect… Hence, let’s purify our intellect by putting only pure things in it, thereby become full of God’s knowledge, virtues & powers!

We need to bring milk at home daily… Similarly, let’s listen to spiritual knowledge daily!

Milk can be condensed to create sweet dishes… Similarly, let’s churn spiritual knowledge so well, that it gets very easily condensed (ie assimilated) within us, and we become very sweet!

Cream gets developed on the milk, if kept idle for some time… Similarly, even when idle, let’s keep increasing our value by remaining in the company of God!

Milk is double-toned… Similarly, let’s double-tone ourselves, first through soul-consciousness & then by connecting to God!

It takes just a minute to consume milk, but it keeps the stomach full for many hours… Similarly, it takes just a few minutes to experience powerful meditation, the effect of which then lasts very long!

We need to boil the milk immediately after bringing, to ensure it doesn’t get spoilt… Similarly, immediately after waking up, let’s start creating very pure powerful positive thoughts, to ensure the whole day goes smoothly… Thoughts like:

  • I’m a powerful soul
  • Success is my birthright
  • God is with me
  • Everything will be good
  • Today will be wonderful
  • etc

Many drink milk twice ie in morning as well as night… Similarly, let’s meditate twice ie in the morning (which keeps our whole day smooth) & night (which enhances the quality of sleep the whole night)!

Milk is pasteurized (ie boiled) before consumption to ensure all the germs within get killed… Similarly, let’s remain in the fire of meditation, which burns all weaknesses within!


Hence on World Milk Day today, let’s inculcate purity within, by considering ourself a soul & remembering God… This naturally emerges the original divine virtues of peace love & happiness within us, hence not only keeping us very full & content, but also automatically nurturing & sustaining everyone around with the same virtues… Hence, this inculcation of purity within will bring the ever-pure land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Cows give us milk… Hence, let’s also take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from cows tomorrow!

Milk is measured in litres… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the various units of measurement!

Milk consists of more than 80% water… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from water!

Children’s teeth are called milk teeth… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from children!

Our galaxy is called ‘The Milky Way’ … Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from:



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