Spiritual Inspirations from Measurements

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Wish you an accurate World Metrology Day

Today 20th May is World Metrology Day, which is the science of measurements… Hence today, let’s take some spiritual inspirations from measurements!

Height is measured in inches or centimeters… Hence, let’s always ensure a heightened (ie elevated) state of mind!

Weight is measured in pounds or kilograms… Hence, let’s overcome the weight of waste thinking, and become very light!

Volume is measured in cubic centimeters (cm³)… Hence, let’s keep the volume of our voice low, and our words very soft & sweet!

Even students are taught to measure using rulers & protractors… Hence, let’s become a ruler over the self, and protract (ie finish) our old patterns of thinking!

Brightness is measured in watts… Hence, let’s fill ourselves with the light of knowledge & might (ie power) of meditation… To always ensure a bright & sparkling face, full of happiness!

Oxygen levels are measured in terms of percentages… Hence, let’s keep increasing our percentage of good thoughts words & actions!

Brain waves are measured using EEG… Hence, let’s keep the waves of our thoughts slow & soothing, rather than fast & destructive!

Speed is measured in terms of ‘per hour’ or ‘per minute’… Hence, let’s keep increasing our speed in this spiritual journey of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!… This ensures our every second becomes worthwhile & successful!

The heart rate (ie pulse) is measured in beats per minute… Hence, let’s beat (ie become victorious over) our old sanskars… To experience a life of complete purity, peace, love & joy always!

The face is the index of the mind… Hence, the quality of our thoughts can be measured through our face… With pure elevated thoughts resulting in a very happy & sparkling face!

Camera quality is measured using megapixels… However, the quality (ie megapixels!) of our eyes are much higher than any camera… Hence, let’s always see & watch good things through our eyes, like pure enlightening spiritual sessions!

Temperature is measured in Celsius or Fahrenheit… Hence, let’s overcome the high temperature of anger, and become as cool as ice!

CPU speed is measured using GHz ie giga hertz… Hence, let’s avoid hurting others!

Liquids (like water & milk) are measured in litres… Hence, let’s avoid littering the environment around with negative thoughts & vibrations!

Pressure is measured in pascals, or millimeters of mercury (mm MG)… And there’s a wonderful formula in science (for metals), Stress = Pressure / Resilience… Hence, even though faced with lots of external pressure, let’s increase our inner strength (ie resilience) through meditation, to remain stress-free always!

Measurements require instruments e.g., thermometer… Hence, let’s always perform our actions & responsibilities in the awareness of being God’s instrument, to remain very light & easy!

Angles are measured in degrees… Hence, let’s keep increasing our degrees of purity, to finally become 16 celestial degrees complete (ie perfect) like deities!

Distance is measured in miles or kilometres… Hence, let’s travel the farthest distance in meditation ie experience the powerful silence of the soul world!

Hence on World Metrology Day today, alongwith making physical measurements, let’s also keep checking the quality of our thoughts & feelings… And the best part is, while external measurements are beyond our control, increasing the value of our inner happiness is completely in our control!… Hence, let’s start empowering our self through spiritual knowledge & meditation, to remain happy always, and thus become instrumental in bringing the ever-happy land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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