Spiritual Inspirations from Blood

Spiritual Inspirations from Blood picture14th June is World Blood Donor Day… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from blood!

The Magic of Giving!

Many donate blood… Similarly, let’s donate the gift of good wishes to all!

When we donate blood, the body re-generates it within a few hours… Similarly, talking sweetly or behaving respectfully with others, makes us the 1st to feel good inside!… Indeed, the more we keep sharing virtues with all, the more they keep increasing within us!

The blood group O negative is a universal donor (ie it can give blood to all)… Similarly, we can give ie share virtues with each & every one, irrespective of anything!

Indeed, like the blood group AB (which is a universal recipient ie can receive blood from all), we can receive blessings from one & all!

Old IV systems pull blood from the veins after the bottle gets empty ie they start flowing in reverse… Hence, let’s always keep the aim of giving to others (ie respect, trust, love, acceptance, etc), rather than take!

Before donating blood, it’s recommended to first have a good breakfast… Similarly, let’s first become full of the power of meditation, to then automatically keep sharing these virtues with all! 

Donated blood needs to be preserved in very cold environments… Similarly, let’s preserve (ie protect) our state of mind from negative emotions… Which automatically makes us protect others’ state of mind too!

Spiritual Inspirations from the Heart!

The heart pumps blood throughout the body… Hence:

  • Let’s keep a big heart, & accommodate all!
  • Let’s keep a merciful heart, & forgive all!
  • Let’s keep only One (ie God) in our heart!… This ensures we remain full of all treasures, hence automatically sharing these with all!

Spiritual Inspirations from Transport Sector!

Blood transports oxygen from the lungs to the various cells of the body… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the Transport sector:

  • The Transport sector is essential for the economic development of a nation… Similarly, let’s also develop our inner capacity through spiritual knowledge & meditation!
  • It helps us travel from one place to another… Similarly, let’s use our mind & intellect to travel to the peaceful ambience of the soul world, & become full of peace! 

Protecting ourselves!

Blood consists of red blood cells & white blood cells (which are responsible for immunity)… Hence, let’s become immune to negative influence, by always remaining in the elevated company of God!

To become life-sustaining like blood, let’s not flood our mind with too much information (e.g., from social media!)

Blood can be infected by viruses… Hence, let’s protect ourselves from the virus of looking at defects & weaknesses, by always seeing the virtues & specialities of all!

Road accidents can cause lots of blood loss… Hence, let’s avoid colliding (ie fighting) with others, which harms our state of mind as well as that of others!

Horror stories mention a fictional creature called vampire which drinks blood… Similarly, let’s avoid harassing others!

Blood is associated with murder… Hence, let’s avoid murdering our own self by committing sinful actions!

Becoming full of all virtues!

While doing a blood test, even a little amount of blood is enough to check the health status of the entire body… Similarly, our face is the mirror which reflects our entire personality ie all our thoughts, words & actions!

Even if the blood flow in an area stops for a while (ie the area becomes numb), we feel very uncomfortable… Similarly, the soul is very uncomfortable without the experience of it’s original virtues… Hence, let’s always remain connected to spiritual knowledge & meditation, to remain in the experience of our original virtues always!

Blood is essential for human survival… Similarly, spiritual knowledge is essential for survival in today’s world ie to remain stable & happy always irrespective of challenges outside!

There’re 4 blood groups, A B AB & O… Hence, let’s always remember :

  • A = Atma ie soul… That I’m a pure divine peaceful soul!
  • B = Baba ie our Supreme Father God… That the Ocean of Peace & Love is always with me!
  • AB = The connection of the soul (A) with the Supreme Soul (B), which makes us full of all virtues!
  • O = Ok ie Everything is OK ie accurate & beneficial

Blood is part of the circulatory system ie it keeps circulating in the body… Hence, let’s keep circulating around (ie remembering) God!

Many fear blood… Hence, let’s become such that our old sanskars of anger & sorrow get afraid to come in front of us… ie let’s remain in the powerful experience of our original virtues of peace, love & happiness always! 

The lungs oxygenate the blood, which then reaches every part of the body… Hence, let’s make our every breath (ie our every second) successful… Through spiritual efforts & serving others!

Blood also transports nutrients to the various cells of the body… Similarly, let’s give the nutrition of spiritual knowledge to all!

Blood transfusion requires the same blood group…. Similarly while serving others, let’s also ensure their interest in the same… ie if they’re not interested in knowledge, let’s instead serve them through our inculcation of divine virtues, power of good wishes, looking at specialities, elevated vibrations, etc … But we should definitely keep serving & benefitting others at every step!

Blood is an integral part of the human body… Hence, let’s always take full care of this body, by considering ourselves a trustee of this invaluable instrument… Indeed, it’s only in this body, that we’re transforming from humans to deities!

Excessive blood loss causes death… Hence, let’s also learn how to cope with death of loved one:

  • The soul is immortal & imperishable… Hence, death just means leaving one body & taking up another
  • Relations means an energy-exchange between two souls… Hence, just leaving the body doesn’t mean the relation is over… ie the soul is still catching our vibrations
  • And as is the quality of our thoughts, so are the vibrations radiated towards them… Hence, rather than remembering them with grief & sorrow, let’s remember them with a lot of love & gratitude!
  • This helps make their journey ahead (in the next birth) much easier!


Hence on World Blood Donor Day today, let’s become life-sustaining like blood ie help everyone experience their original virtues once again through the power of our good wishes… And for that, let’s keep circulating around (ie remembering) God, thereby remaining full of His divine powers… Hence, becoming instrumental in bringing the divine violence-free land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Donating blood is very good no doubt, but it’s just one aspect of giving… Hence, let’s also understand the subtle aspect of giving ie the giving of knowledge, virtues & powers!

Blood consists of more than 50% water… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from water!

Blood Pressure is measures in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg)… Hence, let’s take some spiritual inspirations from the various units of measurement!

Nurses (& doctors) need to deal a lot with blood… Hence, let’s take some spiritual inspirations from nurses… Indeed, let’s learn how to become a spiritual doctor!

Blood group is usually inherited from parents… Hence, you might also like to read my article on Happy Parents Day (June 1st)!

Family is also called blood relations… Hence, let’s learn how to build harmonious relationships with all!

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