National Doctors Day

Today, 1st July is National Doctors Day in India. As we know, a doctor is one who heals people of their ailments, pain & suffering with the power of knowledge.

Although few of us can become doctors by profession, all of us can definitely become spiritual doctors. A spiritual doctor is one who’s able to heal others spiritually ie remove their sorrow, fill them with true love & happiness, give patience, resolve issues, etc

And the method of treatment is very simple. First is diagnosis, the more our mind is silent, we’re easily able to understand what the other person needs ex. Whether they require true peace, lasting happiness, powerful points of knowledge, genuine care, etc. Secondly, the more we remain connected to God, the Ocean of Purity Peace Love & filled with His qualities, we’re easily able to fill others with what they need. And by doing so, we’re not only the first to receive what we give, but this selfless service also earns us a lot of blessings from others making our life very easy.

Indeed, let’s remain so full of God’s abundant qualities that our presence itself heals hearts; our words be so sweet, our drishti so loving, our face so smiling that others forget their sorrow, our personality so calm & peaceful that everyone around benefit. Indeed, let’s become like a living deity of a temple, always smiling, giving blessings, radiating divinity & purity around, automatically healing everyone coming in contact with us.

Further, in meditation, let’s donate the power of pure wishes to all, by creating thoughts like may everyone be benefitted, may everyone progress in their life, become free from sorrow, get connected to God again, and filled with true peace love happiness, etc. This spreads very elevated vibrations around, which benefits all in an incognito way & also greatly empowers our mind.

It’s said if the Parent is a doctor, it’s easier for the son to become a doctor too. Hence, since our Parent God is also called the Supreme Surgeon, let’s remain in the awareness that our Parent is Himself a doctor, always radiating elevated vibrations to all & healing all. Then, it’ll become very easy & natural for us too in fulfilling the role of a spiritual doctor.

And the best part is, when we heal others spiritually, even they become empowered to heal others, creating a wave of transformation.

So today, let’s aim while working & interacting to fulfill the role of a spiritual doctor, radiating purity & love to all around. By doing so, we’ll start emerging our divinity within & also empower others to do the same, hence contributing to God’s task of creating the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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