Spiritual Inspirations from Actuaries (Actuaries Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Actuaries (Actuaries Day) imageSpiritual Inspirations from Actuaries (Actuaries Day)

21st August is Actuaries Day in India… And it’s the 1st time ever this day is being celebrated … Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from actuaries!

An illustrious fortune!

Actuaries is a profession… Similarly, let’s become a professional in maintaining an elevated state of mind always!

Actuaries are highly-paid… Hence, let’s always perform the most elevated karma in God’s remembrance, to ensure the law of karma pays us richly with an illustrious fortune!

The work of actuaries is number crunching ie involves lots of numbers… Similarly, a life based on God’s elevated directions, is filled with wonderful divine experiences at every step!

An empowered mind!

Actuaries are also investment experts… Hence, let’s also invest some time in empowering our mind, to make all other aspects of our life (including work) very easy & natural… Hence, saving much more time throughout the day than that invested!

Actuaries need to balance the interests of all stakeholders… Similarly, let’s learn to keep the right balance, between empowering the mind & using the mind, to experience a stress-free & tension-free lifestyle!

Actuaries qualified from one country are usually mutually recognized by other countries ie can work in other countries too… Similarly when we learn to empower our mind, we can remain happy under all circumstances & with everyone!

Ensuring harmonious relationships!

One of our subjects is Communications… Hence, let’s ensure our subtle communication (ie our thoughts & vibrations) are of the highest quality, since that’s the foundation of our relationships!

Actuaries need excellent co-ordination with the other departments… Hence, let’s become flexible & adjust with everyone’s sanskars, to experience a life of peace & harmony always!

Serving all!

General insurance involves mediclaim, car insurance, fire insurance, marine insurance, etc; hence requiring diverse skills… Similarly, let’s become an all-rounder in serving & benefitting others… ie let’s serve others through our good wishes, our sweet knowledge-filled words, & also through our elevated character!

The actuarial department is the backbone of an insurance company… Similarly, let’s act as the silent backbone for the progress & success of everyone around!

Earning blessings!

Actuarial is based on economics, and the demand for peace & love is highest today… Hence, let’s fill ourselves with these by connecting to the Ocean of Virtues God in meditation, to then supply everyone with the same, hence earn lots of blessings from all!

Another traditional area of Actuaries is pensions, which pays out an income in retirement… Hence, let’s keep earning the income of blessings from all, to remain protected from adversities… Indeed, like doctors say, dava (medicine} may not always work, but dua (blessings) always creates miracles!

Becoming emotionally strong!

Actuaries price (ie set the price of) insurance contracts… Hence, let’s always set a high price on our elevated state of mind, ie avoid disturbing it in small petty matters!

Actuaries are experts at financial risk management… Hence, let’s protect ourselves from the risk of experiencing sorrow due to challenging situations, people or body condition… By making ourselves emotionally strong through the power of spiritual knowledge & meditation!

The traditional area of Actuaries ls life insurance, which pays out on death of the life insured, hence providing financial security to dependants… Similarly, let’s fill ourselves with the power of spiritual knowledge & meditation, to experience emotional security ie remaining stable & happy always irrespective of challenges outside!

To become an actuary, one needs to study from the Institute of Actuaries… Similarly, to experience peace love & joy always & become full of divine virtues, let’s visit the spiritual institute ie our nearest Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Meditation Centre daily!

Conclusion (Spiritual Inspirations from Actuaries)

Hence on Actuaries Day today, let’s establish a direct connection with God by learning meditation from our nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre (for free!)… This keeps our stage very elevated, hence automatically making our work & relations very beautiful, making us serve all & earn lots of blessings… Hence, this inculcation of divine virtues within & spiritually serving others will bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Actuarial is strongly based on Maths & Stats… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from statistics & mathematics!

Actuarial involves the application of actuarial analytical skills in a business environment… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from business!

Studying actuarial also involves studying accounts… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Chartered Accountants!

Actuaries are very intelligent… Hence, let’s also understand what true intelligence means!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from doctors & nurses!

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