Spiritual Inspirations from Oceans

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Wish you a serene World Oceans Day

Tomorrow 8th June is World Oceans Day… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from oceans!

Being virtuous!

Many specially go to beaches for seeing the beauty of the Ocean… Similarly, let’s inculcate the beauty of virtues within!

Oceans make a beautiful sound… Similarly, let’s make our words very melodious, sweet & soft!

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest Ocean… Similarly, let’s also become very small & egoless!

Oceans contain salty water… Hence like salt, let’s enhance the flavor (ie quality of life) of everyone around us!

Ocean denotes unlimited-ness… Hence, let’s also adopt an unlimited vision & attitude for all ie everyone are my brother souls, children of One Supreme Father, etc… To experience unity with one & all!

The top of the Ocean contains waves which keep moving, while the bottom of the Ocean is absolutely still… Hence, let’s first become very peaceful & silent from within, and then come into interaction with others, to automatically remain very sweet & loving with all!

Ocean contains tides ie waves of water which come & go… Similarly, let’s avoid making our happiness dependent on the tides (ie ups & downs) of external situations!

Even if one throws waste in the Ocean, the Ocean accommodates it… Similarly, even if someone speaks ill with us, let’s become so full of the power of meditation, that we don’t get influenced by it at all!

Spiritual Inspirations from Fishes!

Oceans are home to numerous aquatic animals… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from fishes:

  • The blue whale is the largest mammal on earth… Similarly, let’s keep the biggest heart & accommodate all!
  • Dolphins are very friendly… Similarly, let’s become friends with one & all!
  • The orca can be trained to perform shows… Hence, alongwith being powerful from within, let’s also be very jolly & humorous with all!

God, the Supreme Ocean!

Oceans denote unlimited-ness… Hence, since God is the Unlimited Source of all Virtues & Powers, He’s called the Ocean of Peace, Ocean of Love, etc

Like when we go near the Ocean, we automatically experience it’s cool soothing breeze without effort… Similarly going near God, the Ocean of Peace & Love, automatically makes us experience His divine virtues without effort!

Indeed, experiencing God as the Supreme Ocean, automatically applies the lotion of sparkling spiritual beauty on our face!

Even if we take truckloads of water away from the ocean, it still remains full… Similarly let’s remain full of energy the whole day, by continuing to connect to God frequently (like how we connect our mobile to the charger frequently!)

Many treasures are uncovered from the bottom of Oceans… Hence, let’s go deep in God’s remembrance, to become full of all treasures!

Indeed, being children of the Ocean, this ensures we become Master Ocean of all Virtues & Powers, and keep sharing these treasures with all!

Indeed, becoming a Master Ocean of Virtues, acts like a potion of health for others!

Hence, let’s also value the treasures of knowledge, virtues, powers, time, thoughts, words, actions, body, wealth, etc we’ve received from God!

The holy swan always sits near the banks of the ocean… Similarly, let’s always remain in the elevated company of God!

The Pacific Ocean is the deepest Ocean… Similarly, let’s deeply be committed towards God!

Benefits of Spirituality

Today, man has reached the bottom of the Ocean as well as reached the moon above ie we’ve made tremendous progress in the outside world… Similarly, let’s also visit our inner world once in a while, to experience the treasures of peace, love & joy lying within!

Scriptures mention a story of deities & demons churning the Ocean, to emerge treasures… This just means churning the knowledge of the Ocean of Knowledge in our mind, which emerges the treasures of wisdom within!

Tsunamis occur because of earthquakes occurring at the bottom of Oceans, which brings to mind a wonderful point… There’re many places in the world which have been completely destroyed by earthquakes, but the temples in that area have remained absolutely safe… Scientific researches carried out at such places have proved that it’s because of the elevated vibrations surrounding the temple, which even repels away natural calamities… Hence, let’s raise level of purity so high by remaining combined with God, that even natural calamities can’t come near us!


Hence on World Oceans Day today, let’s connect to God, the Ocean of Peace & Love, to become Master Ocean of all Virtues ourselves… This ensures we keep sharing the treasures of virtues with one & all, thereby not only making others virtuous, but also remaining full of blessings & virtues ourselves, hence becoming instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Oceans contain water… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from water!

Oceans comprise 75% of the earth’s surface… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from planet earth!

One of the Oceans is the Indian Ocean… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the various Indian States & Cities!

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