Wishing a very Happy Teachers’ Day to God, the Supreme Teacher!

Today, 5th September is Teachers’ Day. Hence today, alongwith remembering our teachers who’ve been instrumental in helping us progress so much in life, let’s also remember God, the Supreme Teacher.

God, being the Ocean of Knowledge is the Supreme Teacher. And like any great teacher, His teachings are very simple, clear, essenceful, powerful & practical.

The 1st point He shares is the answer to ‘Who am I’. God says you’re a soul, originally full of divinity, purity, peace, love, happiness & inner powers. The traits of negativity are not yours, these are acquired sanskars like dirt on a white cloth which will get washed away. This daily reminder & awareness of being a divine soul automatically emerges the experience of these original virtues, which then start flowing in all our roles, actions & interactions making them very beautiful.

The 2nd point He shares is His accurate intro. God says like you’re a soul point of light, so am I. The only difference is you’re an embodiment of peace, love etc & I’m the Ocean of these qualities. Hence, when we consider ourselves a soul and remember & visualise God with this awareness, we automatically become connected to Him ie start experiencing a very powerful current of pure energy from Him, which helps dissolve acquired traits & emerges divine virtues. The power received helps us easily maintain this elevated state of mind throughout, in spite of external situations people & body condition. This is meditation & it’s practical benefit in life!

The 3rd point He shares is regarding the cycle of time. All of us know it’s Kaliyuga, as is evident from the quality of life today on personal, social, global & environmental grounds. God shares the good news that this time of sorrow won’t continue forever, but after the dark night of Kaliyuga is going to come the new day of Satyuga, a time of complete divinity purity peace & prosperity, health wealth & happiness. And God says you’re responsible for bringing this Satyuga into the world, by transforming yourself from ordinary humans to divine deities, by once again becoming 100% pure using the power of knowledge & meditation. When we change, the world changes!

The 4th point He shares is regarding the drama / play of life. We souls are actors, this body is our costume, through which we play different roles on this stage of the world drama. All actors are playing their accurate roles, and the scenes coming in front of us are accurate too, being simply a return of our past karma. This awareness helps us gracefully accept all challenges coming in life, allowing us to keep progressing ahead.

When we realize the fact that God has come & is directly sharing His teachings with us, we become His Godly students. And it’s said that student life is the best life. The best part of this spiritual study is that we don’t need to leave anything, God just asks us to devote 30-45 minutes daily for the self, for listening to His direct knowledge & meditation, with the rest time for routine life as before. However, this powerful foundation of knowledge & meditation transforms our entire day making it very rich & fulfilling.

When we start inculcating God’s teachings, we too become spiritual teachers. Not just those who speak knowledge, but who by inculcating those teachings in life become a practical example for all with their elevated character & state of mind, hence inspiring all creating a wave of transformation. In this way, when a certain proportion of the world transforms itself, this will be the tipping point leading to world transformation.

Hence, let’s start studying daily from God & remain connected to Him, hence contributing to His divine task of creating Satyuga again!

Om Shanti!

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