Spiritual Significance of Shiv Jayanti / Maha Shivratri | Happy Shivratri Wishes | Happy Mahashivratri Wishes 

Spiritual Significance of Shiv Jayanti / Maha Shivratri | Happy Shivratri Wishes | Happy Mahashivratri Wishes image

Spiritual Significance of Shiv Jayanti / Maha Shivratri | Happy Shivratri Wishes | Happy Mahashivratri Wishes

Tomorrow is Shiv Jayanti, or Maha Shivratri. Hence today, let’s understand the meaning & significance of this greatest festival of all!

God reveals my actual name is Shiv. This name is based on His qualities, since Shiv means:

  • Point
  • Peace
  • Benefactor (Kalyaankaari)

all of which apply perfectly to the Supreme Soul!

Shiv is the only entity who does not have a physical form i.e., He’s always worshipped in Ling form… Here, it’s important not to confuse Shiv with the Hindu deity Shankar, who’s always shown as a different entity meditating on the Shiv Ling… And indeed, Shiv Jyotirlinga just means symbol (ling) of point (shiv) of light (jyoti), proving that God is an Incorporeal point of light.

Because God is Incorporeal & doesn’t acquire a physical body, He remains full of all virtues & powers always… Hence, He can act as the powerhouse connecting to whom we can become recharged, divine & pure once again!

Whenever a temple of Shiv is built, the Shiv Ling is always brought in from above (rather than through the door) & then the dome is built… This denotes that God lives above.

This festival is also called Shivratri, because God comes in the dark night (ratri) of Kaliyuga & transforms it into the bright morning of Satyuga!

All the temples of Shiv are named after His divine activities:

  • Somnath, who gives the Nectar (Som Ras) of Knowledge
  • Babulnath, the one who transforms thorns (babul) into flowers, i.e., transforms us from sorrow-giving to happiness-giving
  • Amarnath, the one who makes us immortal (Amar)
    • By emerging our elevated memory, that I’m an imperishable soul
    • Also because in Satyuga, there’s no untimely death, hence we’re in a sense immortal
  • Mahakaaleshvar, who takes all of us back home to the soul world
  • Paapkateshvar, because His remembrance absolves our past sins (paap) & old sanskars
  • Rameshwar, the God of even Shri Ram (i.e., only by connecting to the powerhouse, we become deities like Shri Ram)
  • Gopeshwar, the God of Gops & Gopis (i.e., all of us souls merged in God’s love!)

Shiv Jayanti is the greatest of all festivals (hence the name Maha Shivratri)… And that’s the reason why Shiv Jayanti comes first in the Indian Calendar, followed by all the other festivals. Hence, only because God descends (Shiv Jayanti), then comes:

  • Holi (i.e., God teaches us to burn our weaknesses in the holy fire, then play with the colors of our original virtues)
  • Krishna Jayanti (only after God comes, we become like Shri Krishna i.e., fully charged deities)
  • Gita Jayanti (when God comes, He immediately starts sharing His knowledge)
  • Ganesh Chaturthi (i.e., God cuts off our head of ego and establishes a head of wisdom & virtues)
  • Navratri (where we invoke our spiritual powers i.e., the Shaktis from within)
  • Dussehra (these powers help us burn the vices & weaknesses i.e., Ravan!)
  • Diwali (once all our weaknesses are finished, it’s a new beginning of joy i.e., Diwali!)

Like we never call our Father directly by name or position but instead use a loving label… Similarly at Brahma Kumaris, we lovingly call God as Shiv Baba, Baba meaning Father!

Since His task is to transform Kaliyuga into Satyuga, His time of descent is at the end of Kaliyuga now.

Hence, it’s with great joy we inform you that God has finally descended into our world. He had promised that when unrighteousness reaches it’s peak (dharma glaani), when it’ll be Judgement day or Kayaamat ka samay, I will myself descend… That time is now, our thousands of years of praying & calling out to Him has finally ended, it’s now time to make a direct, dynamic & personal relationship with Him… He is sharing the Truthful knowledge (of the Soul, Supreme Soul & cycle of time) & teaching us easy Rajyoga to once again make us most elevated, all of which is summarised in a very well-organised & essenceful manner in the 7 Day Rajyoga Meditation Course. Hence, would request you once again not to miss this golden invaluable opportunity, and to atleast attend the 7 day Course once… I assure you it’ll make your life very easy, simple & joyous. The best wishes to you indeed for the most wonderful life ahead!

And this’ll ensure we truly celebrate Shiv Jayanti in it’s true sense, since we automatically end up fulfilling the true essence of all rituals:

  • Offering flowers, fruits & milk on the Shiv Ling, actually denotes offering ourselves / surrendering to God, i.e., living our life based on His elevated directions which makes our life also most elevated, pure & divine
  • Doing Upvas i.e., fasting denotes going beyond limited physical attainments (like food) & connecting to God
  • Taking Vrat denotes taking the pledge of purity, i.e., I will create only pure thoughts always
  • Jaagran means remaining awakened to the eternal truths shared by God

Conclusion (Happy Shivratri Wishes)

Hence today, let’s connect to God accurately as He is i.e., as an Incorporeal soul, Ocean of all virtues & powers… This accurate & natural remembrance connects us to His elevated frequency, filling us with His divine qualities, hence transforming us from humans to deities, and the world outside from Kaliyuga to the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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