Spiritual Significance of Shiv Shaktis

Spiritual Significance of Shiv Shaktis imageToday, let’s understand the spiritual significance of Shiv Shaktis!

Spiritual Significance of Shiv Shaktis

At a basic level, a soul (i.e., Shakti) who connects to the Supreme (i.e., Shiv) can be called a Shiv Shakti

At a slightly deeper level, Shiv Shakti means that soul who has taken so much Shakti (power) from Shiv (the Supreme Soul), that they’ve become an embodiment of power themselves (Shakti Svarupa)

Hence, it becomes very easy for such souls to finish all weaknesses within… Hence, some Shiv Shaktis (like Maa Durga & Maa Kali) are shown killing demons… But this just means finishing the weaknesses within!

And the power we receive from the Supreme, when expressed in practical life, can be classified into 8 different powers … Hence, some Shiv Shaktis are shown with 8 hands (since arms denote strength i.e., power) … But this just denotes a soul full of the 8 powers (& each power is also represented by a specific Shiv Shakti, which we shall explore in detail in the coming days):

  • Power to withdraw, expansion (ie too many thoughts) into essence (ie less thoughts)… Denoted by Maa Parvati
  • Power to let go, matters of the past & accepting people’s behavior… Denoted by Maa Durga
  • Power to tolerate & accept… Denoted by Amba Maa
  • Power to accommodate… Denoted by Santoshi Maa
  • Power to discern, between what’s right & wrong… Denoted by Gayatri Mata
  • Power to decide, on the best course of action… Denoted by Maa Saraswati
  • Power to face, & finish our old sanskars of sorrow… Denoted by Maa Kali
  • Power to co-operate, & keep giving to all… Denoted by Goddess Lakshmi

Hence, when a soul starts remaining in the constant experience of peace love & joy… He/She automatically keeps benefitting, purifying & illuminating the lives of everyone around at every step … Hence, becoming a soul truly worthy of worship! 

There’re some more wonderful features of the Shiv Shaktis… Since they’re shown:

  • As Kumaris, yet referred as Mother… Hence, denoting the pure virtue of nurturing & sustaining everyone around with a lot of love, which everyone of us have!
  • As Mother (i.e., loving, caring, etc) as well as Shakti (i.e., strong, powerful, etc)…  Hence, representing a wonderful balance between love & law, which creates wonders in practical life!
  • Some Shiv Shaktis are shown with sindur on their forehead… Hence denoting being married (i.e., devoted & committed) to one God & none else… Hence, they can remain full of all powers (due to being constantly connected to the Supreme!)
  • Although there’re many Shiv Shaktis, it’s said they’re actually all one… Hence, denoting that all the powers denoted by these Shiv Shaktis are present in one soul i.e. in every soul!

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Shiv Shaktis)

Hence today, let’s remain in the awareness of being a Shiv Shakti (i.e., a Shakti constantly connected with Shiv!), to remain full of divine virtues & powers… And then, even if past sanskars of waste thoughts emerges, let’s resolve them using the weapons of spiritual knowledge, to get stabilised in our elevated self-respect once again… Hence, this keeps generating power within the soul, allowing us to remain in the constant experience of peace love & joy, thereby also serving everyone around at every step… Thus, also becoming instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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