Spiritual Significance of Ambe Maa | True Meaning of Ambe Maa

Spiritual Significance of Ambe Maa imageSpiritual Significance of Ambe Maa | True Meaning of Ambe Maa

Ambe Maa is called Jagat Amba i.e., the mother of the whole world… And is always shown:

  • As a mother…
    • Hence denoting the virtue of nurturing & sustaining everyone around with unconditional love & acceptance…
    • And for inculcating this virtue, first becoming the mother of our own mind i.e., giving true love & acceptance to ourselves first…
    • And for that, experiencing the divine love that God is showering on us!
  • One of the most popular Shiv Shaktis… Hence, the soul who inculcates the virtue of true love & acceptance, becomes everyone’s favorite!
  • Sitting on a tiger… Hence, love is such a powerful emotion that it wins the hearts of all, even taming ferocious animals!
  • As the one who fulfills all desires…
    • Hence, love is that one powerful virtue with fulfils & satisfies all…
    • Indeed, the aim behind every desire (of objects, position, etc) is the experience of peace love & joy…
    • Hence, helping directly experience these (through meditation) is the best & easiest way to fulfill all desires!
  • With weapons in hand… Hence, we need to finish all the weaknesses within, to be able to constantly keep sharing love with all!
  • Sitting on a lotus flower… Hence, to keep nurturing & sustaining others always, we need to become like a lotus flower… i.e., living in this world yet protected from negative influence!

Similarly, Sheetala Devi denotes the virtue of sheetalta (ie coolness)… Hence denoting a soul so cool & calm from within, that He/She finishes the fire of vices & worries in others!

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Ambe Maa)

Hence today, let’s remain in the awareness of being a loveful soul & connected to the Ocean of Love, to remain full of the energy of love within… Hence, this automatically ensures we keep sharing love, acceptance, respect & trust with all… Indeed, let’s remain in the unlimited awareness of being the mother of the whole world i.e., everyone around us; to automatically keep giving to all hence earning lots of blessings which boosts our stage even further!… Thus, also becoming instrumental in bringing the Land of 100% love & unity Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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