Spiritual Inspirations from Tigers (International Tiger Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Tigers (International Tiger Day) imageTomorrow 29th July is International Tiger Day 🐯🐅. Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from tigers!

The most illustrious life!

Tigers are tall & strong… Similarly, let’s maintain a tall (ie elevated) state of mind, by remaining very strong from within!

The White Bengal Tiger is a rare species of tiger… Similarly, let’s become those special few souls, who remain ever-happy & show the way to all!

Spiritual Inspirations from Tigers (International Tiger Day) - White Bengal Tiger image

As the name suggests, the White Bengal Tiger is white in color… Hence, let’s also become pure white from within!

The tiger’s eyes 👀 sparkle in the dark… Similarly, let’s become those divine angels whose elevated stage & life sparkles bright, even in the dark night of Kaliyuga!

The tiger is feared by many animals… Instead, let’s become so loving & sweet, that everyone likes being in our presence!

A wonderful awareness!

The child of a tiger 🐅 is also a tiger… Similarly, being children of the All-Powerful Almighty Authority God, even we’re most most powerful… Hence, let’s use this awareness to become victorious over all situations!

Like all animals, tigers have a tail which follows it everywhere… Similarly, when our state of mind is elevated (ie rich & full), external attainments come running after us like a shadow… Hence, let’s just focus on maintaining an elevated state of mind, full of divine virtues! 

The tiger has black stripes on yellow skin… Similarly, even we’re originally golden-aged (ie full of divine virtues!)… And our present weaknesses are just like dirt on a white cloth, which gets washed away very easily… Thus, let’s remain full of happiness, in the awareness of our divine originality!

Best Practices

The best decision!

Tigers have sharp nails.. Hence, let’s adopt a sharp & far-sighted vision in life!

Like all animals, tiger walk on 4 legs… Similarly, all the 4 aspects of life (ie physical, emotional, social & spiritual) are important for a stable & happy life… Hence, let’s not ignore the spiritual part!

The tiger is nearing extinction today… Similarly, the experience of original virtues (peace, love & joy) is reducing today, hence let’s pledge to keep increasing the experience of virtues in our life!

Becoming happy always!

In zoos, tigers are put in cages… Hence, let’s avoid getting caged by our own old sanskars of sorrow!

God says past sanskars are like a paper tiger ie they appear frightful but are powerless… Hence, let’s stop fearing our past sanskars, & keep progressing fast in our spiritual journey of maintaining an elevated state of mind always!

Tigers are ferocious… Similarly, let’s ferociously finish our old sanskars!

Many hunt tigers… Similarly, let’s hunt away all negative emotions using the weapons of spiritual knowledge!

Ensuring an illustrious destiny!

Tigers kill many animals, & then get hunted by humans… Similarly, the law of karma catches up on our every action… Hence, let’s always perform the most elevated karma, to ensure the most illustrious destiny!

Tiger belongs to the Cat family… And cats chase mice but fear dogs… Hence, let’s avoid creating fear in the minds of others, else we’ll need to fear someone or something!

Since tigers are carnivorous, their physical features reflect the same eg, large canine teeth, short intestine, etc..  But the physical features of human beings resemble those of herbivorous animals ie short canines, long intestine, etc… Hence, since vegetarianism is natural for the human body, let’s remain a vegetarian always!

Connecting to our Supreme Father!

The child of a tiger is called cub… Hence, let’s remain in the awareness of being God’s cub (ie child!)

Although tigers are very popular, it’s the lion 🦁 who’s the king of the forest… Hence, although we may progress & achieve a lot in life, let’s always keep God above us ie give all credit to Him, by considering all talents & achievements as His gift!

The tigress looks very similar to the tiger… Hence just like us souls, our Supreme Beloved God is also a point of light… Hence, let’s remember Him with a lot of love!

Many tigers are seen lying down in the Sun 🌞… Hence, let’s always remain under the Supreme Sun God, to experience the warmth of virtues within us!

Due to deforestation, the homes of tigers are shrinking today… However, our sweet home soul world is always open for us, just a thought away… Hence, let’s visit it frequently to become full of peace & silence!

Creating Satyuga once again!

Tigers live in Forests … And God says I’ve come to transform this forest of thorns (Kaliyuga) into the garden of flowers (Satyuga) … Hence for that, let’s first ourselves transform from thorns (ie sorrow-giving) to flowers (ie happiness-giving!)

It’s said in Satyuga, both tigers & goats drink water from the same river ie complete non-violence… Hence, let’s fill ourselves so much with God’s divine soft & sweet vibrations, that it finishes even the slightest trace of violence from within us!

The tiger hunts his prey in a very systematic manner… Similarly, let’s develop a systematic plan, to reach our prey (ie aim objective) of becoming from humans to deities (ie an elevated state of mind always, full of divine virtues!)

We all know the story of the shepherd falsely shouting “Tiger, Tiger” to fool the villagers, but when actually the tiger came, no one came to help… Many feel it’s the same when we say ‘God Himself has descended & is teaching us’ ie no one believes it… But since it’s the truth, it’ll get accepted by all in the end… Hence, rather than waiting till then (when it’ll be too late), let’s start building our illustrious fortune now itself, under His divine leadership!


Hence on International Tiger Day today, let’s become spiritual tigers ie powerfully finish our old sanskars of sorrow, to remain ever-happy & create our most illustrious destiny… This becomes very easy through the awareness of being children of Almighty Authority God, since it pulls the current of immense spiritual energy from God… This also emerges the divine golden-aged sanskars within us, hence bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from giraffes, cows, sheep, turtles, birds & pests!

Tigers live in Forests… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Forests!

The tiger is the favorite animal of many children… Hence, let’s also become a child once again!

The Indian Bengal Tiger is a very common species of tiger… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from the various Indian States & Cities!

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