21 Reasons for becoming a Vegetarian | World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day picture21 Reasons for becoming a Vegetarian | World Vegetarian Day

Tomorrow 1st November is World Vegan Day (and 1st October was World Vegetarian Day)… Hence today, let’s explore 21 wonderful (& concise) points encouraging to become a vegetarian!

Medical / Physical Reasons

A very large research in California (comprising 96,000 people) concluded that… Vegetarians lived on average 7-10 years more than non-vegetarians!

Many researches show non-veg increases the likelihood of obesity, high sugar levels & cancer (in particular, colon cancer)

Characteristics of human body!

The physical make-up of the human body is highly unsuitable for non-veg… For example:

  • Carnivorous animals have a very short intestine length, to expel the highly toxic non-veg waste quickly… While the human intestine is quite long
  • Carnivorous animals have large canine teeth… In contrast, humans have very short canines
  • The stomach of carnivorous animals have a lot of acid (to digest such food)… Humans don’t

The protein in animals is very different from the protein in human beings… Hence, in a way, that protein is not suitable for humans!

Undesirable features of non-veg!

In addition, non-veg contains only protein & no fibres, calcium, etc… Hence, no one can be 100% non-veg i.e., a certain proportion of vegetables is always essential… But one can remain 100% veg throughout life!

Non-veg also contains too much fat

Today, many injections & chemicals (potentially carcinogenic i.e., cancer-causing) are given to animals in captivity… And also to sold meat, to improve it’s color

Spiritual Reasons

When an animal is kept in captivity & slaughtered, it creates very strong thoughts & vibrations of fear, pain, revenge, helplessness, etc… Which gets absorbed in their body… Hence, when we eat it, we’re also consuming these vibrations alongwith, hence increasing the influence of these emotions in our life

One research even shows… That earthquakes are more likely near slaughter houses (due to these shock vibrations)!

We can never give ourselves life, through the death of another!

General Reasons

Non-veg means making our body a graveyard of dead bodies!

Even when our own family member dies, food is not cooked in the house… And in our kitchen, how many dead bodies are cooked daily?

Hence, it’s observed that non-veg is merely a dependency for taste (i.e., for this 2.5 inch tongue!)… Hence, we can definitely leave it

Benefits of leaving non-veg

Non-veg is more expensive, hence we end up saving lots of wealth

Indeed, our willpower increases significantly, if we leave

By reducing the demand for non-veg, it’s a small but sure step in freeing society from non-veg!

Religious Reasons

Killing someone is never advocated by any religion… Indeed, we can’t aim to remain happy, by being the cause of someone’s pain!

We never eat non-veg during pilgrimage

In addition, we never offer such things to deities in temples! 

Scriptures show very strong personalities (like Bhima & Hanuman) as 100% veg!

Souls in Satyuga were 100% veg!… Hence, becoming vegetarian is one of the greatest contributions in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again!

Conclusion (World Vegetarian Day) 

Hence today, let’s make the firm decision to switch to vegetarianism… To protect our physical, emotional & even spiritual health (i.e., by keeping our karmic accounts clean)… And to make a powerful move towards purity, considering that only purity is the key to real peace & happiness!… Hence, also becoming instrumental in bringing the 100% pure (hence 100% joyous) land Satyuga once again! 

Om Shanti!

Thanks for reading this article on ‘World Vegetarian Day’ 

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  1. One more difference is the way the appendix in human and carnivores function. Appendix in carnivores is very active in neutralising nitrogenous gases generated while digesting meat. In human appendix is virtually dormant and more a nuisance. .It has been dormant ever since man figured out how to control fire and started cooking his food. Somewhere down the evolutionary path humans switched to veggies and reduced the reliance on meat. Hence a dormant and shrivelled appendix.

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