Spiritual Inspirations from Lions (World Lion Day)

Spiritual Inspirations from Lions (World Lion Day) imageSpiritual Inspirations from Lions (World Lion Day)

Tomorrow 10th August is World Lion Day 🦁 … Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual inspirations from lions!

The beauty of virtues!

Lions have a beautiful mane (ie the characteristic hair design on their face)… Similarly, let’s inculcate the beauty of virtues within!

Lions are powerful… Similarly, let’s also become very powerful from within, to be able to remain virtuous always!

The lion is the king of the forest… Similarly, let’s also become a king over ourself!

The son of a lion is also a lion… Similarly, being children of the Almighty Authority God, even we’re Master Almighty Authorities!

Lions have a golden yellow skin.. Similarly, even we’re originally golden-aged (ie having the divine sanskars of purity, peace, love & joy!)

The film ‘Lion King’ contains a story where the lion shows the child his reflection in the pond, to convince him he’s also a lion,.. Similarly, God says you’re that soul who was 100% pure & divine in Satyuga, hence inspiring us to once again become the same!

The lion is the favourite animal of many children… Hence, let’s also become very pure & innocent like a child once again!

Lions are nearing extinction today… Similarly, even virtues are getting extinct in today’s world… Hence, let’s make full efforts to avoid this!

Building Harmonious Relationships

Lions used to be kept in circuses… Hence, alongwith being powerful from within, let’s also remain very jolly & humorous with all!

Lions live in forests… Hence like forests, let’s also sustain & nurture everyone around us with a lot of love!

The lion is the favourite animal of many… Similarly, let’s inculcate such wonderful virtues within us, that we become everyone’s favorite!

Lions never attack other animals except when very hungry… Similarly, only because everyone’s battery is discharged today at end of Kaliyuga, do they create anger… Hence, rather than getting upset, let’s fill them with peace using the power of our good wishes!

Best Practices

Becoming victorious!

Lions are caged in zoos… Similarly, let’s avoid getting caged by our own old sanskars!

Lions have a tail.. Hence, let’s finish even the tail (ie subtle shades) of past sanskars from within us, to experience a life of 100% peace, love & joy!

The Leo Zodiac Sign shows the picture of a lion… Hence, let’s go beyond fearing zodiac signs, by realizing that our thought power is the greatest power of all, which can easily overcome all other such minor influences!

Making the sensible decisions!

The nails of lions are very sharp… Similarly, let’s become very sharp & far-sighted while making decisions!

Lions live in caves… Similarly, let’s remain in the cave of introversion ie connected to our true original self… To remain protected from outside negative influence, thus empowered to make a positive influence all around!

Lions actually prefer vegetarian food… Hence, let’s also become a vegetarian once again!

The magic of Spirituality!

Many films are created on lions… Hence, let’s remain in the awareness of being the hero actors of this world drama, towards whom everyone is looking at & taking easy inspiration from!

Lions love lying down in the Sun… Hence, let’s always remain under the Supreme Sun God, to experience the warmth of virtues within us!

Lions are an integral part of many cultures… Hence, let’s incorporate into our culture (ie the songs we listen, dances we see, articles we read, etc) God’s divine love & connection… To remain immersed in His very natural remembrance, hence effortlessly remaining full of divine virtues & powers! 

The lion’s roar is very loud & grand… Similarly, let’s share God’s knowledge with all in a grand manner, with full conviction by becoming an authority of experience!

Conclusion (Spiritual Inspirations from Lions)

Hence on World Lion Day today, let’s become spiritual lions ie very powerful rulers over the self… By remaining in the awareness of being children of the Almighty Authority & connected to Him, hence becoming full of His divine powers… And we automatically keep sharing these divine attainments with all, hence this balance of self-empowerment & serving others will bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

Let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from tigers, giraffes, cows, turtles, birds, honeybees & pests!

Lions live in Forests… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual inspirations from Forests!

Lions are loved by children… Hence, let’s also become a child once again!

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