Spiritual Significance of Indian Rangoli

Spiritual Significance of Indian Rangoli imageSpiritual Significance of Indian Rangoli

Like the rangoli is so colorful, let’s fill our life with the color of virtues! 

The color of virtues!

Even a simple Rangoli looks so beautiful… Similarly, even a simple spiritual smile on the face (without any make-up!) looks very beautiful!

Making the rangoli is more enjoyable than just looking at it… Similarly, happiness lies in the journey of life (ie at every moment!), rather than just at the destination (i.e., when we achieve!) 

Some rangolis contain shapes of flowers, birds & animals… Hence, having true love & respect for all living beings on this planet!

We need to be careful not to put our foot on the rangoli… Similarly, let’s never upset anyone’s happy & beautiful state of mind!

Many have a hobby of making Rangolis… Similarly, let’s make it our hobby of spiritually serving & benefitting others!

Many are experts at the art of making rangolis… Similarly, let’s become experts at the art of living life!

Designing a beautiful Rangoli!

Many love designing rangolis… Similarly, let’s design our most beautiful life, through the power of spiritual knowledge & meditation!

Making a rangoli first involves making the outline, & then filling it with colors… Hence, spiritual knowledge provides us the outline (ie direction) to our life, and then meditation empowers us to implement the same (i.e., fills our life with virtues!)

Today, there’re readymade rangoli designs available… Similarly, there’re many readymade meditation commentaries available, for having easy experiences in meditation!

Even Rangoli stickers are available today, which remain stuck for long… Similarly, let’s remain combined & connected to our Supreme Father God always!

Making a rangoli is a patient exercise… Hence, let’s patiently decorate our life with divine virtues!

Other Points

The outline around the rangoli makes the whole Rangoli look so much better… Similarly, the outline around our body is the aura (i.e., energy body, which is created based on our quality of thoughts).. Hence, let’s ensure a sparkling aura always, by creating & maintaining only the most elevated thoughts!

Rangoli making is a creative exercise… Hence, let’s always the remember the key to creativity is a silent mind… Hence, let’s ensure the same by avoiding putting in anything negative, and putting only positive information inside us! 

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Indian Rangoli)

Hence today, let’s design our most beautiful life, by filling it with the color of virtues… And this not only keeps us very comfortable, light (& makes our aura powerful), but also comforts & benefits everyone around… Indeed, let’s become so powerful, that we constantly maintain the experience of these virtues (e.x., smiling face, sweetness, etc) in our life  hence becoming instrumental in bringing the divine land Satyuga once again! 

Om Shanti!

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