Meditation = Creating Elevated Thoughts

Meditation = Creating Elevated Thoughts pictureMeditation = Creating Elevated Thoughts

Like how:

  • We give time for proper sleep, to ensure the body remains efficient throughout the day
  • We give time to charge our phone, to be able to use it the whole day

Similarly, creating pure elevated thoughts in silence (ie meditation) is essential to keep thinking positive even during actions & interactions throughout the day! 

Indeed, meditation just means creating a series of elevated thoughts. Hence, the simplest way to start meditating is to create a list of positive affirmations & repeat them regularly, particularly at the start of the day. Examples:

And Rajyoga Meditation means creating elevated thoughts on the Soul & Supreme Soul (& visualising alongwith), to experience our original virtues of peace love & joy! Thoughts like (taking the virtue of peace):

  • I’m a Peaceful Soul… Peace is my original nature… Vibrations of peace are spreading all around from me
  • I’m child of the Ocean of Peace (God)
  • God’s vibrations of peace are reaching me… I’m getting filled with the power of peace
  • I’m full of God’s peace
  • Will share this peace with all now, will do all my tasks peacefully

Similarly for all other original virtues of the soul like love, happiness, purity, etc

Hence, do make a list of 4-5 positive affirmations you like, and then repeat these for at least 5 minutes daily, preferably immediately on waking up. This simple technique will greatly enhance your capacity to think positive throughout the day!

Best Wishes!

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