Wish you a very Happy International Day of Happiness

Today 20th March is the International Day of Happiness! Hence, wish all of you, my dear friends, a very Happy World Happiness Day!

Today, let’s aim to remain happy the whole day. How? It’s simple! If we keep thinking about someone who usually remains sad, upset, depressed, etc. even we start feeling low. If we think of someone who usually remains happy & cheerful, even we start feeling good. So, by staying in the loving remembrance of God, who is the Ocean of Happiness, who remains ever happy, I will remain filled with His waves of happiness!

And whatever I have within me, I automatically share with all! When I share happiness with others, I am the first to experience it. And the more happiness I keep sharing, the more it keeps increasing within me. Happiness is one wealth which increases the more we donate it!!

Indeed, let us maintain our happy state of mind, irrespective of external situations and people. Because, it’s either the situation influencing us or we influencing the situation. By remaining happy irrespective of challenges outside, we actually end up transforming those situations.

So, in essence, let’s remain connected to God, keep receiving happiness from Him, and keep sharing this happiness with all, transforming the world outside!

Om Shanti!

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  1. I wish and pray for souls like you to be more and more happy and make the whole world a better place to live, May you receive the best from Parmatma

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