Facing Difficult Situations | How to deal with Situations

Facing Difficult Situations | How to deal with Situations pictureFacing Difficult Situations | How to deal with Situations

Although many of us are facing big situations today, there’re some thoughts which make it much easier to face situations… Like:

  • Situations are outside, they can’t get inside me
  • I’m more powerful than the situation
  • It’s an examination paper, which has come to advance my grade
  • Situations come to make us strong, experienced & to show us our true inner potential
  • If I cross this situation with stability, I’ll be able to inspire & help several others to cross with stability too
  • This situation is small, many others are facing much bigger challenges
  • Even if mountain-like situations come, I the spiritual bird will fly over them with grace! 
  • Situations are lifeless… Only by thinking over them extra, they increase in size
  • Situations are just the creation of a weak mind… Hence, let’s empower ourselves, to finish half the situations there itself!

Hence in essence, let’s make ourselves bigger & the situation smaller, thus enabling us to infact use situations for enhancing our progress, hence transforming the negative situation into an illustrious future!

Best wishes!

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