Wish you a very Happy World Sparrow Day

Photo of SparrowToday 20th March is World Sparrow Day. Hence, today provides an excellent opportunity to take some interesting spiritual lessons from birds!

The soul can be equated to a bird, having the wings of knowledge & meditation, to fly high ie to experience an elevated state of mind always.
Indeed just like an eagle flaps it’s wings very less, instead just using them to simply glide in the air… Similarly, we don’t need to make too much hard-work in life, just need to know how to keep ourselves full through the power of knowledge & few minutes of meditation daily, and this empowering of mind will automatically make all other aspects of our life (like work & relations) very simple & easy
The bird is able to fly because it’s very light… Similarly, let’s remain very light from within, by:
  • Remain in the awareness & very light experience of being a peaceful soul
  • Working in a very relaxed & stress-free manner
  • Going beyond hurry; by realizing we only need to do actions fast, not also make our mind run too fast which actually reduces efficiency
  • Accepting the different sanskars of others, and letting go small matters
  • Keeping God alongwith us, which keeps pushing our state of mind upwards
A bird has complete freedom & independence to fly high in the unlimited sky, however if it keeps holding on to the branch, it’ll never be able to fly… Similarly, let’s leave our old belief systems like ‘Anger is my nature’, ‘I’m sensitive’, ‘I don’t have time for empowering my mind’, etc which unnecessarily pull us down, and start moving towards experiencing a life of complete stability & happiness always
Indeed, even if mountain-like situations come, rather than trying to break the mountain (ie complaining, blaming, worrying, etc), let’s simply fly over it (ie maintain an elevated state of mind), and the situation will start looking smaller & smaller!
An eagle’s vision is very sharp, being able to see even kilometres away… Similarly, let’s keep a far-sighted vision in life ie let’s also focus on our long-term progress by daily studying of spiritual knowledge & meditation
It’s scientifically proven that when birds fly together in a group, each individual bird has to make much less efforts as compared to flying in isolation… Similarly, let’s remain in the company of pure elevated souls who’re working on themselves, this’ll make our transformation very easy & natural too!… Indeed, let’s remain in the elevated company of God always, which makes everything easy!
We’re not crows who do ka-ka (ie keep asking waste questions like kya, kyun, kab, kaise, kaha), but we’re holy swans who inculcate pearls (ie virtues & positive aspects)… Indeed, let’s become as sweet & melodious as a cuckoo (koyal), such that everyone likes hearing us
We’re not parrots (who simply repeat heard knowledge) or cocks (who wakes up others and then goes to sleep itself)… But we’re those who inculcate the knowledge first and then share with others… This ensures our words are filled with the power of conviction & experience, hence touching people’s hearts, inspiring their easy transformation too!
Indeed, like the bird chakor dances on seeing the moon, and the peacock on seeing the rain, let’s remain lost in God’s love & keep dancing with supersensuous joy in His remembrance!
The Phoenix is a legendary long-living bird in Greek legends, believed to be full of all colours, and in whose presence everyone’s wishes get fulfilled… Similarly, when we remain full of the colors of our original virtues (of peace, love & happiness), those vibrations travel around to others, fulfilling everyone’s true wish (of experiencing their original virtues), hence we receive their blessings for a lifetime!
We’re not bats or owls (who in Hindi is called ullu, also meaning fool) who sleep during the day and remain awake at night… Hence, let’s try to wake up slightly early by remembering that “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy & wise!“
Both swans & storks are white in color, but their vision & acts are completely opposite ie the swan always inculcates pearls while the stork inculcates only waste… Similarly, we shouldn’t go just by external looks, wealth, etc, but we should prioritize the inner values & character of people.
An interesting story comes to mind… Once, a wildfire struck in a forest, and there was one Sparrow who kept taking some water from the ocean into it’s mouth, and pouring it onto the fire, again taking some water for pouring, and so on. Someone asked her “Do you really think the wildfire will get finished just with your efforts? ”. She replied “I don’t know whether the fire will finish or not, but I’m definitely fulfilling my duty towards the forest which sustains me!”. Gradually, seeing the relentless efforts & determination of the sparrow, all the birds & animals of the forest joined in, working with full co-operation, and the wildfire finished in no time!… Similarly, we need to keep progressing fast in our journey of self-transformation because God says it’s this self-transformation which will finally lead to world-transformation ie transform the world from Kaliyuga to the divine Land Satyuga once again!
Om Shanti!

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