Spiritual Significance of Presents | Gifts

Spiritual Significance of Gifts | Presents imageSpiritual Significance of Presents | Gifts

Gifts are an important aspect of numerous festivals (like Diwali, Christmas & Raksha Bandhan)

Hence alongwith physical gifts, let’s give everyone the golden gift of good wishes!

The most wonderful gift!

While choosing physical gifts, we need to ensure it’s liked by the recipient… But when giving good wishes, those vibrations definitely benefit others!

Giving physical gifts has a cost… However, giving good wishes is absolutely free of cost!… Indeed, it’s priceless & uncomparable!

Gifts are tax-free… Hence, giving good wishes requires no extra time or effort i.e., it takes just one second!

Many love giving gifts… Hence, let’s give true love, respect & acceptance to all!

The first beneficiary!

During festivals, there’re many discounts available, helping us save money… Hence, when we create thoughts of good wishes, we become free from other thoughts (waste, negative, etc), hence saving our energy!

Indeed, giving good wishes to others, is actually a gift of positive energy to ourself!

God’s divine gifts!

Gifts come with beautiful wrapping paper… Hence, this wonderful gift of life comes with beautiful layers of good health, wealth, prosperity, skills & talents, etc… Hence, let’s have full gratitude for these!

If one just gets attracted to the wrapping paper & forgets the actual gift, it’s not sensible… Similarly, let’s never forget this invaluable gift of life (i.e, the freedom to think, speak & act the way we want!) God has given us. 

God says I’ve given you the gift of divine intellect… i.e., He’s purified our Intellect, by filling it with spiritual knowledge daily!… Hence now, let’s use it with care to create our most illustrious fortune!

Indeed this Diwali, let’s give ourselves the gift of leaving any one weakness and / or strengthening our specialities!

Conclusion (Spiritual Significance of Presents | Gifts)

Hence today, alongwith physical gifts, let’s:

  1. Give everyone the gift of good wishes
  2. Remember the various gifts God has given us
  3. Give ourself the gift of strengthening our specialities!

Hence, this flurry of gifts will bring the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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