Achieving True Independence | Happy Independence Day Wishes

Achieving True Independence | Happy Independence Day Wishes imageAchieving True Independence | Happy Independence Day Wishes

Tomorrow 15th August is Happy Independence Day of India 🇮🇳… Hence today, let’s learn how to achieve true independence!

What is True Independence?

When we ask someone “Can you remain happy always?” or “Do you get angry or hurt?”… The answer is it depends on a list of things (ie situations & people, in essence)… Hence, since it still depends on something, it shows we haven’t yet achieved full independence!

Independence means In-dependence ie dependency only on the inside self… Hence, no dependency on external situations & people for feeling happy!

Everyone prefers independence, whether it’s physical or financial independence… Hence, let’s also prefer emotional independence!

Indeed, true freedom just means becoming free from the bondage of our old habits & sanskars

Freedom can be equated to a flying bird, & bondage with a caged bird… Hence, let’s break free from the bondage of vices & weaknesses, & fly high in the experience of peace love & joy always!

How to achieve True Independence?

While that freedom struggle was against external & powerful opponents… Regaining  emotional freedom is just an inner exercise!

Many freedom fighters sacrificed their lives for the nation’s freedom… But here, it’s just about a little bit of attention!.. Hence, we can definitely make this little bit of effort to achieve true independence!

It’s possible to regain 100% control over the self, by:

  • Remaining in the awareness ‘I’m the Master’, ‘I’m a ruler over the self ‘, etc
  • Connecting to God (who’s the Ocean of peace love & joy), to satisfy & silence the mind!
  • Creating more pure & powerful thoughts (ie meditating) & reducing waste thoughts (by using spiritual knowledge)
  • Remembering I’m the creator of every thought & response, I’ve the power to choose… Situations are powerless without my reaction!
  • Limiting the amount of information we put inside us (e.g., through TV, internet, social media, etc), so it doesn’t pull us! 
  • Protecting from outside influence, by creating less thoughts about the external world!

Using our True Independence!

Independence Day is a public holiday… Hence this holiday, rather than just focusing on temporary entertainment, let’s also spare some time for listening to spiritual knowledge & meditation.. Which makes all our subsequent working days very easy & smooth!

The Constitution of India confers numerous fundamental rights on us:

  • We’ve freedom of speech… Hence, let’s share spiritual knowledge with all!
  • We’ve freedom of religion… Hence let’s remain in our divine original dharma of peace, love & joy!
  • We’ve freedom of expression… Hence, let’s keep the purest thoughts within, to ensure what we express outside (ie our words & behaviour) are automatically very sweet & royal

Conclusion (Happy Independence Day Wishes)

Bharat was also called the Golden Sparrow… Hence to make it the same again, today let’s achieve true in-dependence through the power of spiritual knowledge & meditation… Then, let’s use this freedom for inculcating divine virtues ie for emerging our original divine sanskars of peace love & joy, hence bring back the golden sparrow ie the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

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Hope you liked this article on ‘Achieving True Independence | Happy Independence Day Wishes’!

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