Spiritual Lessons from Indian States & Cities

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Tomorrow 1st May is Maharashtra Day… Hence today, let’s take some spiritual lessons from the various states & cities of India!

Maharashtra means Mahaan Rashtra ie The Great Land… And the praise of any place is always based on the praise of the people living there… Hence, let’s invoke the greatness & divinity within us, by remaining in the awareness that:

  • God Himself has said “You’re a great soul”
  • Being children of the greatest being God, we’re by default great souls
  • We’ve spent thousands of years in Satyuga as divine pure deities, hence we’re definitely great souls
  • God is using us now for His divine task of world transformation

Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra, hence:

  • Like Mumbai is so rich, let’s become rich & full with the jewels of spiritual knowledge!
  • Like Mumbai is so small, let’s also become very small & egoless
  • Mumbai is home to numerous film stars… Similarly, let’s remain in the awareness of being the hero actors of this world drama
  • Mumbai is home to people of all castes & religions… Similarly, let’s accommodate people with all sanskars
  • The name Mumbai comes from the deity name Mumba Devi… Hence, let’s become as pure & divine as deities!
  • Although Mumbai is very busy, let’s remain easy inside while doing everything outside!

Jammu & Kashmir is very beautiful… Similarly, let’s incorporate the beauty of virtues within us!

  • Srinagar means ‘The Elevated (sri means shreshta) Land’… Hence, let’s always keep an elevated state of mind

Like the name Chhatisgarh, let’s become full of the 36 (chhatis) virtues!

Bengal is known for it’s sweets (like the Rasgulla)… Hence, let’s also become very sweet from within!

Madhya Pradesh means ‘The Land in the Middle’… Hence, let’s become so truthful, loving, caring & giving that we occupy a place in the middle of everyone’s heart… ie earn the certificate of contentment from all!

The name Uttaranchal contains the word aanchal (ie lap)… Hence, let’s also sustain & nurture everyone around us with a lot of love!

Manipur means ‘The Land of Diamonds (mani)’… Hence, let’s remain in the awareness of being a diamond, and keep sparkling in the experience of our original virtues!

Rajasthan means Raaja Sthaan ie  The Land of Kings… Similarly, let’s become a ruler over the self, by remaining in the awareness of being the Master!

  • This ensures that… Like Jaipur means the Land (pur) of Victory (jai)… Even we’ll remain victorious ie stable & happy in every scene of life!

Kerala has 100% literacy… Similarly, let’s become fully educated with spiritual knowledge

  • Kerala has lots of coconut trees… Hence, let’s keep our thoughts as high & elevated as coconut trees… And like the coconut is soft from inside, let’s also becomes very soft & loving from inside!
  • Kerala is called ‘God’s own country‘… Hence, let’s make our homes & workplaces such high-energy places (with God’s accurate remembrance), that it feels as if God Himself resides here!
  • The word Malayalam remains the same even when written in reverse… Hence, even if situations become opposite, let’s maintain our true original & happy self

The Eastern states (Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Mizoram, Nagaland, etc) are hilly areas… Hence :

  • Let’s make our state of mind as high & elevated as hills!
  • These states are sparsely populated… Hence, let’s also ensure we keep our thoughts to a minimum ie remain very peaceful & silent
  • Hills are close to clouds… Hence, let’s also become very soft & light like clouds

Shimla, Darjeeling, etc are all hill-station cities, where the temperature is very cool… Hence, let’s also remain very cool & calm from within!

Punjab & Haryana:

  • Are known for valour & bravery, similarly let’s bravely face & finish our old sanskars of sorrow
  • Has very fertile land, hence growing lots of crops… Similarly, let’s also make our mind so fertile, that God’s divine teachings can be very easily inculcated within it
  • Amritsar means Amrit Sarovar ie The Lake of Nectar… Hence, let’s keep drinking the nectar of knowledge daily, to ensure our happiness remains immortal throughout the day!


  • Is known for it’s Dandiya Raas… Similarly, let’s keep dancing in supersensuous joy, and keep playing the sanskar milan raas of adjusting to everyone’s sanskars!
  • Gujaratis love food… Similarly, let’s love the food for thoughts (ie pure elevated information) that God is giving us
  • Let’s keep our Surat (ie face) sparkling with happiness always!
  • The capital of Gujarat is Gandhinagar… Hence, let’s become fully non-violent to fulfil the aspirations of Gandhiji!

The name Karnataka itself contains the word Naatak (ie play or drama)… Hence, let’s remain in the awareness of being the hero actors of this world drama, towards whom everyone is looking at & taking easy inspiration from!

  • Bangalore is known as ‘The Garden City’… Hence, let’s also make our life a garden of divine virtues!

Uttar Pradesh is the Land of Bhakti (ie pilgrimage places, rivers, saints, etc)… Hence, let’s emerge the true love for God from within

  • Indeed, the city name Allahabad itself contains the word Allah, hence let’s always remain connected to God!
  • The city name Lucknow itself contains the word Luck… Hence, let’s keep remembering various points of our elevated fortune to remain happy always… Like:
    • I’m lucky to have good food, clothes, house, gadgets, etc
    • I’m fortunate I’ve good parents, family, children, neighbours, colleagues, etc
    • I’m very grateful God Himself is teaching me, and making me full of knowledge, virtues & powers
    • etc
  • Agra contains the Taj Mahal, which is one of the wonders of the world… And God says you’re instrumental in creating the biggest wonder of the world Satyuga… Hence, let’s remain stabilised in this most elevated self-respect point, and remain happy always!
  • Like the name Indore, let’s always remain indoors (ie in the experience of our original divine virtues) before coming outdoors (in work & relations)!

Like Lakshwadeep, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are surrounded by water from all sides… Let’s remain surrounded by the water of spiritual knowledge!

New Delhi, Pondicherry, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, etc are all called Union Territories… Hence, let’s also inculcate the virtue of unity & be united with all, which becomes very easy by seeing only the specialities & good qualities of all!

Goa is a very popular tourist location… Similarly, let’s perform the spiritual tourism of visiting Abu (ie the International headquarters of Brahma Kumaris) for a conference, specially designed for your particular profession!… Will happily share with you the details if you’re interested

Since Arunachal Pradesh is at the eastern-most tip of India, the sun first rises here & then in the rest of India… Similarly, we’re also very very fortunate to have recognized God who has come, much before many others… Hence, let’s make the most of this invaluable opportunity, and also keep sharing this wonderful divine good news with all, that God has come!

Hence, we’ve seen above how India is a very diverse country, yet is known for it’s unity in diversity… Hence fittingly, the whole of India also falls into just one single time-zone (ie IST, or Indian Standard Time)… Hence, let’s also emerge the virtue of unity from within, by first maintaining harmony within our mind!

God reveals that in Satyuga, the whole of Bharat (& the world) was 100% pure & divine… Hence, let’s inculcate all the above divine virtues again within ourselves, because what is inside automatically radiates outside… Hence, by inculcating divine virtues within ourselves, we’ll automatically make this Land of Bharat (& the whole world) into the divine land Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

The capital of India is New Delhi, hence let’s also inculcate newness in our every thought, word & action!

The South Indian states are known for their high intelligence, hence let’s also understand what true intelligence means!

India is surrounded by water from 3 sides… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual lessons from water!

India is also called Mother India (Bharat Mata), and India is the most ancient country on earth… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual lessons from Mother Earth!

Image Courtesy:  Akhand hind fauj @ Wikimedia Commons /  CC BY-SA 4.0

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