Spiritual Lessons from the Sun

Spiritual Lessons from the Sun imageTomorrow 3rd May is Sun Day in the US… Hence today, let’s take some wonderful spiritual lessons from the Sun!

The sun always keeps giving… Indeed, that’s why the Sun is called surya devta (ie dene vaala, the one who gives)… Similarly, let’s also keep giving to all!

Although the Sun is hundreds of times larger than all the planets in the solar system, it still keeps giving selflessly… Hence, even if we achieve a very high position in life, let’s keep humbly giving to all!

Many germs get killed in the sun… Similarly, let’s raise our level of purity so high that all impurity & waste within & around us gets destroyed in our presence!

The sun gives light & warmth to all… Hence, let’s also give the light of knowledge & the warmth of love to all!

Indeed, like the Sun’s light reaches far & wide, let’s keep good wishes for one & all! 

Everyone prefers sunny weather to gloomy weather… Hence, let’s always remain bright & cheerful rather than sad & gloomy

The sun consists almost entirely of hydrogen, and hydrogen is the lightest gas of all… Hence, let’s also become very light within like hydrogen!

The sunrise & sunset looks very beautiful… Similarly, let’s inculcate the beauty of virtues within!

Many wear sunglasses… Similarly, let’s wear the sunglasses of specialities ie only see the virtues & specialities of all!

The importance of solar energy is increasing today… Similarly, let’s elevate our thoughts & vibrations so high, that our presence itself empowers others!

Indian culture gives a very high position to the Sun, by referring to it as surya devta ie deity… Similarly, let’s also become as pure & divine as deities!

The sun remains still, while all the planets keep revolving around it… Similarly, we just need to focus on maintaining an elevated state of mind… Then, all other attainments of success, wealth, position, regard, etc automatically start getting attracted towards us

To become like the sun, let’s first become a good son (or daughter)… ie keep our parents content

The Sun Day matches with Sunday… Hence, let’s become so very light from within, that all days seem like a Sunday!… And let’s also spare some time on Sundays for empowering our self with spiritual knowledge & meditation, since this makes the entire working ahead very easy & simple! 

The Sun is very powerful… Similarly, let’s also become very powerful from within, by practicing daily meditation… This emerges the hidden powers within us, like:

  • Power to put a full-stop to unpleasant memories
  • Power to let go unpleasant experiences & events
  • Power to discern & decide, and make the right decision
  • Power to face & finish our old sanskars of sorrow
  • Power to keep co-operating with others
  • Power to pack up expansion into essence
  • etc

The Sun freely gives it’s energy to all, but if we sit inside our home & close down all windows & curtains, we’re unable to benefit from it…. Similarly, God who’s also called Sun of Knowledge (Gyan Surya), is freely sharing His knowledge with all of us daily… Hence, let’s openly listen to His spiritual knowledge & benefit from it fully!

The Sun is unable to burn paper on its own, that’s possible only when we focus it’s rays using a magnifying glass… Similarly, rather than just creating good thoughts here & there… We also need to specially create powerful thoughts in meditation for 15-20 minutes daily, to burn the weaknesses & emerge the original virtues within!

The sun is actually a star… Hence, let’s remain in the awareness of being a tiny star-like soul!

The Sun has tremendous power, but we need solar cells & panels for converting it into usable electric energy… Similarly, the Supreme Sun God has tremendous spiritual energy, but we first need to consider ourselves a soul, to connect to His frequency & experience His divine vibrations!

When sunlight falls on a diamond, it starts glittering with the various colors of the rainbow… Similarly, when we consider ourselves a diamond (ie soul) and remember the Supreme Sun God, His vibrations (ie sunshine) makes us sparkle in the experience of our original virtues & powers!

The sunflower keeps leaning towards the Sun… Similarly, let’s become a spiritual sunflower which keeps looking at the Supreme Sun God, and thereby remains filled with His divine energy!

Many specially sit in the Sun for getting Vitamin D… Similarly, let’s spare some time for sitting in the company of the Supreme Sun God in meditation, to become full of all attainments!… Indeed, this spiritual sun-bath also cleans us of all the weaknesses within

It’s only because of the Sun there’s life on earth… Similarly, we’re able to enjoy life to it’s fullest, only when we remain in the elevated company of the Supreme!

When the sun rises, the night gets transformed into the day… Similarly, when the Supreme Sun God descends, the dark night of Kaliyuga starts getting transformed into the bright day of Satyuga!


Hence on Sun Day today, let’s connect to the Supreme Sun God & fill ourselves with all His powers… This raises our level of purity so high, that all impurity around us starts getting destroyed, emerging the original divine virtues again… Hence, by connecting to the Supreme Sun God, we’ll become instrumental in bringing the divine morning of Satyuga once again!

Om Shanti!

All the planets in the solar system keep revolving around the sun, including earth… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual lessons from Planet Earth!

It’s the Sun which results in the creation of water vapour from Oceans, which then forms clouds & rains in the form of water… Hence, let’s also take some spiritual lessons from water!

Hope you liked this article on ‘Spiritual Lessons from the Sun’!

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